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be jealous of our Don. The villain. Several counties in tlie state will vote 011 prohibición during the coming nionlh. Pontiac struck natural gas at 1,490 feet. Deep enough to be of good anti l.isting qtiality. Presiilcut Cleveland refused a corner lot In St. Paul. Probably wantctl the whole block. The Ingham Co. New has been sold by J. V. Teft to Dr. May. May the Dr. ti lid a bonanza in his new purchase. Congressman J. C. Burrows anU wife of the fourth eongressional district, Hart íor Washington ou Thursday of this week. The next house of representatives wbich meets on Monday, Dec. 5th, will contain 108 democrats, 15:! republicans and ¦) unknowns. Gen. Jackson deuies tliat he was driink when he delivered his famotis (infamoua) rebel speech at Macón, which we printed a few weeks since, a fact the Arkansas Gazette says it regrets very ímich. "All over the state," remarks the Landing Republican, the snow lies from a foot to two luches in depth." So fur as lilis section is concerned, that editor lies more than the snow. - Adrián Times. Hesr! Hear! The beautiful sn- truth. The Buffalo Commercial, printed at Cleveland's old home, says that he "nterfered unwarraBtably in local elections three times this fall; in Maryland, in New York, and in Massachusetts- in each case In behalf of epoilsmen and against the reformeis." If the Detroit News tells the truth about Mr. Cleveland's cabinet, Mr. Dickinson ougbt not to be made to suffer therefor, had he? If Mr. Diekinson does go into that cabinet - and he will - Michigan will have the honor of furnlshing the bruine of that body at any rate. A kettle of tar was being prepared the other day in the vicinity ot Woodland, Barry county. It was intended for the decoration of two Mormon elders who have been proselyting there, but the divines heard of the project and speedily vacated.- Ex. That's the rlght sort of a reception' for that breed of brutes. Xf the democrats nomínate Congres3man Fislier of West Bay City for governor, and heaccepts the nominution, all we have to say to the republicans is that they better not make any mistakeg. He is a man who seldom fails in anything he undertakes, and wliile beinga thoronghly honeet and conscientious business man, is a hustler as is a hustler. is a liustler as is a hustler. J laiilüii has lost hisglory. IiiasoiiHiiifr match at Sidney, New South Wales S itai - day, the stakes being $2,500 and the world's championship, he was defeated by Williara Beacb. This makes the third time Beach lias defeated Hatilan, whieh wiil probably the Canadian. Beach ought to be brave enough now to row a match away froin home, a thing he luis never yet done. In New York the Henry Goorde vote was probably one-half larger thau that of the I'rohibition party. Iii Ohlo there was not very much dillerence, but the Union Labor ticket beat that of the l'rohibitionlsts. In Pennsylvania, on the other hand, the latter jiolled more than twice as many votes as the labor ticket. H is yet an open question which is Uip fuurtli party In the United States. The prohlbition party does not believe la prttctical prohibition. It iights :my attempt at closing in tipon the liquor traflic and by degrees educating the people up to a nobltr and soberer standard. In Ohlo the republican party has closed up 2,092 saloons by the enactment of the Dow law. The prohibition parly ha fought this law tooth and nail, as it flghtl every bit of temperance legitlation in Michigan. "Jast teil those supervisors that Anu Arbor is boomlug in eariiest,'' sald a well known merchant yesterday. "We have got tlie cream of the tradeof this eounty and vlolnlty rlght here In Ann Arbor," oonttntMd be, "and every year adils to Ui arowlh.1'- Ann Arbor Courier. Yes, maybe that'sso, but grain fro:n all about Ann Arbor is brought to Plyinoutli to market - Plymouth Mail. The Mail may be correct, but it statement is taken with a grain of allownnce hereaboots. But to offset It we niight add that there is more than one merchant here having everal regular customers from Plymouth and vicinity. Ilillsda'e is sald to have tbe most startllng Kcandal on lts bandi heard there in years.- Adrián 'limes. For hcaveu's sake, keep the nasty, dirty, filthy thing to yourselves. Holl the measley quid over wlth your own tongue all you choose. (Jhew it until your teeth are as thin as wafers if you so dcsire, but conüne the thing at home. The world is not familiar with t':e parties or the clrcumstances, and don't want to be. There is enough evil In every coinmunity without importing the particulars of others from ouside. If all newspapers would slum ccanduls as a pestilence and plague, if they would reiuse to give any of the impure, moral corrupting, vile details, thelr readers would bc the bettcr therefor. In publishingscandals, cdltors do not give their readers news, but ponder to vilencss. , Tlic rallioads are very particular aboul obcyiug tbc nter-stutc cotumcrco Itw in scllhiK ticket to t lic pcople nt reduced ratcs upon holiilay occasions, but bat attention nre they paying to tlie state Iaw forbiddlng tlic use of stovcs in passenger cars? .lust notlcc wlicn you are upon a train. Il' thoy buni up tlic people with unlawful stovcs, they will not do it on onlawftil cbeap tickets, nut mudh ! One of tbc best slns of tbc times is tbc fiiCt tbat whilc trade is Juli ui ncarly all railroad securities, it isdullest in tbc worst class of stocks and bonds. The public appetite for "wildcats" Is next to notliinjr, aud tbc sale of tbc "vaimints" almost impossible. As lontr as tbis state of things continue balf of Wall street's power for cvil will bc destroyed. Innocent Investors wbo lmvc do tbougbt of gambling, nrc tbc especial victhns of the scoundrcls wlio "lloat" woitblcss ehromos. An item (or ad.) goiug tbc rouiids of llic papers states tbat "Hon. K. G. D Holden, Seoretary of State, bas just composcd ¦ new poem, to be sent on application, etc. Now wbat's the matter with our present Secretary of State givins; us ¦ liltle rhyinc 011 the Battle of Atlanta, for instancc? Evcrybody knowlng "Gil." WOUld lend .1 3-ccnt stamp glaJly for such a production, and those who don't know hlin ould send OM anyway. Wby 8ii 't tbis a sebeme? A cali bas been issued by tbc Soutbeastern Michigan O. A. H. Association for a meeting of tbe executive commlttee, to be beid in Adrián 011 Friday, December 30, at 1 p. m., for tbe purpose of locating tbe place and fixinji tbc time for holüing the next animal encampmentCommandcrs of posts tbat bave not elected members of the executive committcc onght to do so at once, and forward tbeir names to tbe secretary, and see to t tbat ¦ representative of the post in at the meeting. Tim Tarsney is considered one of tbe jolliest of jolly good fellows, but tbe numerous ex-republicans, your.g democrats, old Jacksoninn (-implicity democrats miigwumps, greenbackers, and la bor unlons, or something else, wbo are each one anxious to serve their country as p'ostmaster of Owosso, bas made bim wisb he had been bung along witb l'arsonp, Spies, et al. Just tbe word ' Otrosso" pronounced in Tim's aar is sakl to make n glassy look come into bis eye, and a danjieroiis expresslon tlit across bis face. He is evidently loting some of bis conviviallty. The way the uew editor of the Manistee Deniocrat wrestles with the alphabet iu spelling the names of Manistee citizens is deservinjr of praise to sny the least. Here is liis list of marringé license?, taken f rom his last issue : "Alex. Toucliette and May Lovelett; Herman Gohlke anü Erneptine S. Kienitz; Emil E. A. Doebel aiul Huida B. A. Kottke, John Elis Hanson and Eintna C. Heydein; Cudrzj Matocki and Eeronica Weyenka.'' As the result of a wcddinf the following item is given: "Mike l'opkowski and Peter Holowski, the two men charged witli itabblng Mike Slialenduski ut ¦ l'olish wedding in Stronach Sunday Nov. Gth, wen released on bail " Anv ooe who can successfully accoinplish the spellinji of these names will succeed in anytliinj; he undertakes; no doubt abnut it.


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