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Mystery On A String

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'J'liis world is full of mystery. It surrounds us everywhere, on earth, in sky, in land, in water, and even In the very air we breathe. The ecience of the world i fa9t clearing up many heretofore mysterious things, but as fast as the niists that have surrounded any perplexinjt or strange phenomenon are cleared away, another i-ops up like a veritable jack in the box more perplexing, more myt-teriou?, more strange than the one whose mystery has been dispeWed. No sooner have the doctors learned to combat disease by science and medicines than the falth cure comes along and does Hwuy with all the labor and investigaron of medien] BMn for these hundreds of years. But this particular mystery of whicli we speak is a mystery that is mysterious from the fact that it was unexpected, unculled for, and of no particular good or ill to any one. At the office of the Ferdon Lumber Co. - or of Jas. Tolbert, rather- 011 Detroit Btrcet, are two of our mostesteemed business men, Messrs. T. J. Keech and I'. O'Hearn, they are both matter of fact, practical men, not fivm to auy sort of specuhition, not in the least visiónary or superstitious, and their word is just aaood as gold itself in the community. Some three or four montha ngo, Mr. O'Hearn was being so constantly importuned by the employés aboutthe yard for "a piece of strinfr" to be used for different purpose?, soinetimes to tie a bag, then again to temporarily mend a broken harness, and so on, that it led him to saving pieces of string that he found and keeping them to Eiipply the demand, fir it Is well known that our second district supervisor s one of the sort of men who dislikes to refuse any reasonable request; so a drawer was set aside for this purpose, and the striDgscommenced accumulatiiig. l'retty soon a peculiar circumstauceattracted his attention. In one particular spot at the end of the desk, curled up in tlie shape of a snake, almost every day was found a string, just, about ris;ht for a bug string ( t . ¦ r l i i .1 i M ir t li ii ¦! 'ii ¦!_ f ¦¦ f! in. f,,. .-. AIkbm iiici ule i. iiuuiusi.Hiiee iür a unie he called the attention of Mr.Keech tO the mystery, nul the striugs began to appear at singular times. Frequently fier the office liait been thoroughly swept, and no soul entered therciii afterward, thispiece of string woulil be fonnd in itsaccustomed place; ahvays about f o long, always curled in ibout the same m inner, and always ibont the same soit of a string. Th ree or four of thcin have been plcked up ilnring the day, and some dnys not one will tppear. Jiut usnally the thing that ireets the first comer to that office In the morning is that string, and it lias become regularly looked for. Uut thcre is stil 1 another peculiaiity about tfiis mysterious string The inorning uf the day that the news reaclied us that tlie IJ. S. Supreme court had decided not to iutcrfen; in behalf of the 1011demned anarchists the Etring was in its place but nstead of beiuj; curled up as usual, it bad one end tied and was in the form oí a .slipping-uoose, as If propbetic. Then a;ain on the day of Gov. Oglesby's decisión four strings were found with the noose ready for business. What tliis inystt'iv is, wliatit can mean, íiow it can happen, is a mystery of mysteries that mljjht puzzle tven a spirit medium. Wc all know that Supervisor O'Hearn knows somethiug about certain kinds of stiings- political for instauce- ind we also know that Ex-Ald. Keecb is one on whom nis party relies for much of the excellent pullin of strings In that orfiaiiizaiion, but wliy unseen flogers ibould be mysteriously leavin bits of string about their ollice is unaccountable. Mayor Iiobison was down to the ofHce investigating this matter a day or two since, and lic gives it up, too; and what he dosn't know about strlngs but few can teil. Xow this story is not a string of fancy, it not told to pet oor readers "on a Itnng," but it ia straight goods. Atlanta, nfter tryTnor prohlbitlon for two years, bas just voted by tipwards of 1,000 majority that it is not practicable an;l rejects it.


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