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How To Be Happy

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Keep jour temper. Practice strlct tempernnce. Go to Goodyear for ginger ale and soda water. KeĆ­er be n an unfitting hurry. Kuy all your drugs of Goodyear. Persevere against discouragement. Kise early nul be an economist of time. Xever aequiesce in or pernirious opinions. Maintain dignity without the appeiirance ol" pride. Have your preseriplions accurately put up by Goodyear. Be guarded in discourse, attentive a-id slow to speak. Think notliing in conduct iininiportant or adillerent. Manncr is something witli everybody nnd everything witli soine. And good, clean, nice {joods are cvorytliing to a buyer. Goodyear ketpe tlicm Preserve self-posieesion, and do nut be talked out of conviction. Be punctual and metbodical in ba). nt'83, and never proc-rastiDate. Be not to asslgn easons to tbose wlio bave no right to But ask for wliat you want at Goodyear's and yoo will be politely waiud on. Ofttimes the blackncss which we bclieve we sec in others is cnly our own shadow. Live williin your noome; be aaviny, ivold as iiuicli as pogsible eitber borrownor or lendinj:. Go to J. J. Goodyear, the druggUt, for mything il bis line, and you will be fo feil pleased that you will always trade .vitli him afterwards


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