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Never liurry in yourllms, If yonr ultns i ir hlnh itr lowly, Bat.rf breed ty etronmttaneei, S uní yon hurry, liurry sloly. - [Texas Slfi ns. Wheat brinjp "." ds. in Uil market. ChlckeiM are caree at S39c per lb. ni-ced porfc M bebig rasrketetl al 4.3ö@5.50. Wait for the jabÜM f.iir, ut the M. E. church, I tv. r,. Eight trampa were run into tlie jil Siturday nlght. Remember tbe pioneer meetloft at Cbetoea Dec. 7tb. Mnntlily meeting oí the H')bart Gulld to-morrow eveuing. Postponed picture sule ;it Hol) art Huil to-ilay and to-morrow. There sa veritable aml excitlngcase of hauntcd house in tuis eity. C. Bliss & Sou received an order for a lot of silver ware froru K;msas tbll reek. John Nines got ten days in the ooonty ail for bi'ing ilriink, before JntÜot Krueraff To-diy beine St. Atiilrcu's Day, serviei's were helil this A, m. at St. Andrew's cliureh. Tüe rains of the past week were balled witb delight, if they did dampen the Tbankaglvfng seasoh. The dinnpness out-o'-doors last Thiusday bad nu depreaslng efifoet apon the iniloor happiness of the iliy. The sllgbtcoveriiigof snow last Tbursday morniog furnisbed (?ood coastlog for the boys oulhe State street bil]. The average boy nmv bas given up kites, marbles, stilts, etc., and is looking up the kate and hand sled business. Aid. Ware spends bis evenings now with u very line nieerschaum pipe presentcd to 1 1 i tu by ¦ friend last Thanksgiving. Dr. W. F. Rreakey bas been remrmbering soine of bis friends (luriiijr the week witli venison roasts, tbe rcsults of bis own good úuuksmansblp. Jas. Doartby and Wm. Jobnten, werc up before Justice Pond for stealinr a robe from Anton Bobaeberle and mdtenced to !)0 days at Ionia. ¦ ¦¦ - ¦ - ' Ulij . ' l % L A. Vir ' I ¦ M:ij. II. AV. Soule went to Flint Monday to help matter la "Cantón Col. Fentou NO. 87. I. O. O. F., IS au ACtiVO ('allton of the uniform degree. The man who moves down lile's put li and it strewn Ui swect surprises s he who knmvs ju.-t how iu (.lone, who keeps a store and advertise?. Kvart Spolt lias been elected vice-presIdenl lor Hlelilgan, of tlit Anierieitn PomoIKic)l Soririv. The nezt wnlon of the locletj w II be beid in Florida. The scliool bonril Itut evening &polivted Hou. K. l. Kinnc to defend tbem in tliesuit of Dnnalilson tt Meier. The simimons calis for in npper&nce in Detroit, Dec. Tth. Prof. ïlisba Jones is to (kliver a lecture (in Tliursday evcninr next, in tlie Sunday School room of the Conreeational cliurcli, litiviiitr for i]9 subject, "Winter ia Rome." The tnnaal meeting of the State Ilorticultmal Society is to be held at Eat Sa?inaw, Dec, 5, G and 7, Kvart Scott, J. Ê. Suranerand J. J. Pargliall trom this ciry expect to attend. Do not forjret the animal meeting of tlie Washten.-nv pomológica! society, on Dec. 3d, next Katurday, at 'J. o'clock p m. hlectio-i of ofticers. etc., as an extra in(Jucement to attendai James Hulbert was up bcfore Justice FrueaulVfor Sunday druiiU, last Monday and paid :..2O and promised to go U work, and reform. In wlilch reêolutlon lie will h:ive many well wishers. Tlie masonic elrctions occur as (oUowg: Fraternlty K. A A. M.. next week week Wednesdjiy; Golden Rute to-morrow, 'l'lmrsdav, ntifht; Wathteoaw Cbapter, H. A M.. next week Monday nilit. The Decnmber calendar for tlie circuit eourt c-oniiins :1 attet in all, a Poltows : Criminal :',, replevln ;ï. laeuea of tcl ;, iinparlance 2, appeal i, trepasi on case 011 promise 3, ehaneery lirftclüss 4 chancery fourtliclass 7. At the Metljotiist EpiscopaJ cliuroh, Sabbitth next, genrial class a! '.i-MU Preacblngtnorning and eyenlqg. Subject of evenlng sermón, "Elementa of Influential Livcf." Yonng pcople's devolional service at 0.30. Am excursión to (Mifoniia, leaving Detroit, December íoth, is innonnced witli tickets at $53 óO one way, or $90 90 for round trip, wlth stop over iivile-es and a tuurists car. Severa! of our citizèns contémplate uiakiag the trip. ín Jackson county tlie county treasurer p :tys rlie hounty the law proTiüea fof the Jjeads of En:)ish gparrows. Why not eonfonn to the law Ín tliis county? It would be money well invested. 'l'here are sonie nienibcrs of St. Andrew' COtií?regHtlon, the Democrat liints, whp would be pleam-d to have tlie org:in moved from the loft wbere it uow is Ín the rpar of the churcli, to the side of the altar where it origtnaHy a mi rightly belonjjs. Seypral weeks since the COüBIZB noticed the deparlure of Mr. and Mr. Win l)orr, on an orerlund Joirrney to tlicir Imme m Federal Polnt, Pfa. The SUr ot Montgomeryj Ala., of Nov. 20lh cont mis quite a nntice ot tlielr (rip to that poini. I-ew Goodricli cmidlit n couple of sneak Hueves stealing nuibrellas trom in front 't Wlnes A Worden'a M.ue Saturday "Klit Tlietkleves jave up tlielr i.limder, and were cvnlently so anxlous to be rreated that they were allowed to rtay out in the rain. The Tpsllantiaji comnlin8 of tUe inaccurate and umntelligiblc flgarlne done by the board of supervisor. The Y'psilantian wil! have to confes. that the majnrity of superrUor. can üure tretty jairly when it comes to the iqnalization business, however. Attentlon is called to the Tact that the bon ol Veteram wlll hoid R meeting in the (irand Anny Hall next l'riduy eveln, for the purpose of reorganizing and all who know thetuselves eligible to J ar rpectfiilly rcqmtied Ui oome and Iliose wlio h.ive !)¦( n there wil] rv yon ipjne insijriit luto the alias und'ol)jects of the order. The nnlroads pretend it was the luter-St;,!, ( omnMTOC law that d wem trom ving the peonle mliiccd rates rhanksglvlnjt week. Wliat bostt ! Whycould they issue mlueed late tickets for JK-.lay under the law any more than rot adneaday ar Tliunday ? They bdpearto uu lh law for R pretext to Jo whrlt they please. At the resalar meeting of ihc Unity lab, next Monday erenlng, Deo 5th" r Su, „Ierland Rvei hi.s fourth talk on Kuskin, and Prof. I. N. Demmon ivads a paper on "Emerson, the Man and I'oet " MJ Myr Pollard will grre aelect raadrpadmus, and Me. Blafr and Ewald nilrender selcctions on the mamlolin, DMjo and ,'uitar. An Intorettlng sUl s pending n the Huron circuit, whereln Mm. F. K. Vale 01 this city, s contestlng her ri"ht of opwer „ lUl. ,.M,l((, o. L}Ie Jatfl Fnincig "¦"wioni, ifra taJe'i dl torced butbtod. eurlng -., divorceghe received ttO.000 oer. As theestate Isvalucd al 500,000, e result of the guit is of considerable iraponanee to the parties interestcd Hev. Albert Walklcy, of Manlster, wil] ¦peak at the temporalice meeting Sundaj I. m. at Cropsey's hall. Ncttic Storm? commpnces hor work ns a stiulciit ut tho High School In Aun Ar bor iicxt weck. - Lima cor. Chelsea Hcral.t. Tot use at spiritunllst's seanecsat a ccrtain hOQM in tala city thoy luwo an oigan said to havo been made In Bngland ever on yeart ago. Capt Allen jafe Ihe people ofltbaea a lectura upon "The Brljrht Sitie of Army Lü'o," lust Frlday tiljtht, and t 3 said tbtjt lic told of many briglit things, of which hc Is ilmmliintly eapable. E. K. BUble, of the Chriiamegons, lias hoen invltcd- and accepted - to play in tlit' Symphony orchestra of Detroit. Tliis wlll not interfcre wlth liitii play ing wit h the Chequamegona. At a meeting of the fi re department last Wednesday evenlng, 1!. S. San ford was elected chief engineer, and Moses Seabolt first assistant. Hoth are good men, as our ]eople very well know. On Saturday evemng, Dec. Od, Prof. Clurk delivers the third lecture n the lialdwin course at Hobart Hall, bis subject beiiijr, "Personal Culture and Beligion.1' Banday evenlng his subject wlll hi' "The l'nltv of Christlan Doctrine." He will also fill the pulpit of the at. Andrew's cliurch öunday morning. Wm. M. Onband has bonght out the Interest of Geo. C. Sinithe In the Ypsilantian, and enters the newspaper fraternity at once. The right hand of fellowslii will be gludly extended to Mr. Osband, who is a well-posted, thoroughSoing, genial gentleman. Hcre's success to the new editor and new tirm. The case of the Farmer'g ft Mechanic's Bank vs. John Keek and Win. Aprill, occupied th6 time of the circuit couit for the entira wee past. Every inch of around has been hotly contested, and being given to the jury lust nlght they falled to agree upon a verdict. We understand that a new trial will be ordered. Wc have a citizens' assoolatlon, composed of Uve bnsincsB men who are wide awake to atiytblng that wlil benefit Wayne. Inslde of two moDthi tliey have secured two good miinul.u-i urine lnatltutions to lócate auij are iillir two or three otaers wlth fair prospecta. What olher towu can show betler work tlian lliN?- Wayne Review. Hiere are certainly few tliat can equal it. The picture of President Angelí publiílied in the Toronto papers, and Ihroughoiit Canada generally, is a terrible, liorriblo, blood-curdling representation. If the Canucks think they are going to beat us out of our tisb by publishing such outiageous pictures of our oommttdooen, they may flnd themselves mistaken. Dr. Dailing hamled us tlie Sullivun County Republican, pabltshed at Monticello, N. Y., of a recent date containina' an nceount of the very same confidence rame played by two shnrpers (undoubtedly the sume fellows) as was played opon Mr. Brovn of this city. The victim v:is Capt Tlios. C. Ringr, for :0 years the trtèsurer of the Newburgh Saviiigs Bank, i man 83 yoars of age, and they fleeced him out of $0,000. The marriage of Mr. Willis J. Abbot to Miss Marie Amanda Maok took j)lace on Thnrsilay, 12:30 a. in., Kev. Prof. E. Si limiil, ol Columbas, Ohio, unele of the bride, and I!ev. F. II. Belser ofliclating. Tlie groomsman was Mr. Edwin F. Mack and tlie bridesmaid, Miss Helen Pge Sniitli, of Chicago. After the ceremmiy the biiilc and room left for Kansas City, their f ntare home. The wedding waf a quiet one, only the iuimediate relations attendlog. If two fathers of this city (than whom there are not two morí' respected men in the county) could have heard a conveisation carried on by two men at the opera house the nightot the Little Tycoon pluv. it would have erased them, nearly. 'J'he subject of conversation was thcir 17 or 18 years old daugliters. One of the men is a married man, a business man too, kh a farnily of bis owii and daujijhters growing up, hut he is setting them n bad extmple tliat may yet bring sorrow io his old age. The table tliat the Ypsilantian complains about in the proceedings of the board of supervisors signed by P. O"Ilearn, does an injustiee to that gentleman. He liad a neat reoort copied to l'ii'sriii tu uij noam, uut n was sioien uy a cert&ln supervisor just before t was UoM to present it, as the COURIEB has heretofore reciteil t. A dirty triek, too, uní even the copy of whicli the Ypsiluntian speaks, wa9 taken from the clerk's records. I'erhaps the Ypsilantian can throw sorae light upon the subject. "You have a fine englne house on the outsiile," faid a visitor lo our city a day or two sincc, "but," continucd lie, 't is a sliame to allowsucli i buildinj; to ren down as this oue has. It ia alinost a wreek nside, with npparently no care whatever; and everytliing is In disorder be)ow, especially where the horses are kept. I sliould think it would pay the-city to hire some one to take care of it." The citizeu to whoni the-e words wpre addrested dida't say much, bnt kept thinking very hard. Jolin Huddy, of Ann Arbor township, is locatod in racb i way as to have 110 higliway or by-way leading to liis place, consiquently he petitioned Thos. Q. Burlingami', hijthway comrnissioner, to have him "lay out and establish a private road, for his use, over Iands owued by Dr. Chap. Howel!, on 8ec. 27." As the road declded upon Iy the corainissioiier comes between Howell's liouse and barn, heobJected and got a tempnrary injunction, and now Mr. Huddy asks the court for Uk: right lo i?o ahead and lay out the road.


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