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To Be Consolidated

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After the lst of December the Edison eleetric lijfht plant of thi.s city and the Thompson-Hustoii electric üght plant wlll be Consolidated, and the üght all run from the slation ot the latter. This enahlcs the company to give the people of this city the best liglit extant, both in are and incandescent lights, and makel it a strongcoaipany, havlnj; the privlleegt of both lyttetnf. A llttle notice of the Edbon lijtlit here might not be out of place. The plant was lirst put in, in 1885, and the COCBIKB office was the lirst printing office In the state to be üghted by electricity. Blncs ts tirst advent lt lias been doublcd in capneity, and the constant demand for more lights wilt make it necessaiy to ftfain doublé the plant. It has been a 8iiccess from the stirt and now that a consolidation has been t'ffec'ed, wlll beconie the llftht oí this city for the future.


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