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The Psi U's had a pleasant hop Friday evening. TIn stilte pupén are lillcd willi pertOB: 1 1 .- f Univeisity studeotí borne fof TacaUso. Rev. Sam Junes at llie Unlvcr8ity IInll Saturday erenli'tt, "Cliar.icler nuil Cliaracters." Prof, Harrington is to lecíure it M .n chester aoou on whai he íaw n Central America. Jesse C. Shattuck, lit, '87, formerly a live manager of the Unronlclp, was married at Owosso, Thanksiviiig Day. John Thomi'Soii, of the pliannaoy department, whs man led last Wedne)ay to inUs Kettle I-'iw. He will know wbat the law is now. J. T. Jacobs & CompuDy are giving 5 per cent. of entiiesale of w. rk to the ryinnüsiiim tumi. The gym. hst many lriemla and ouj;ht to be booinini.'. Our Ann Arbor luw stutlents are at home the present week (pending the Thankaglvlug receta, aud ocoatlouall; studdylog proceedingi ín atiachmnt. - Chelsea Heruld. Tiie Ilerald sliould get some one to spell 'em. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Doty, of Ann Arbor, accompanieil by Messrs. George II. Snow and John Keyes, of WInona, MInb., two iniiveisity student.'', cune bere yestenlay to vislt relativi and friends. - Manchester Enterprise. The Rugby 11 met the enemy and captured theiu. At Soutli Benü thiy jcooped the Notre Dame 11 by a score of 8 to 0; anc1 the Harvard i-cliool 11, of Chicago, by a score of 20 to 0. The X. V. Unlverklry club failed to come . lo tune. "Skeered out." Daniel P. Campbell, son of Andrew Campbell, of Pittslield, and a gradúate of the department of law at the uulversily, started Friday tor Fort Scott, Kan., where he will open a law ofllce üec. lst. He 'n a young tuan srho has many inends in this couny, all of whom Ub hlm suoces3 in his profesilon. - Ypsilanti Commercial. WKSTKRN OF ( ol.l. I. ; [ ATK AI.UMNAK. The annual meeting will be held at tlie Universlry of Michigan, Aun Albor, Mich., Fnday and Baturuay, Déc. !) and 10, 1887. As the constilutiou now provides for oiily one meeting a year, it is earnestly bopéd that all muinljers will be present and tbat tliey will eztend an invitntion to uil aluniriiie eligióle to membership in the association. Alumnue who expect to be present are requested to send their naflBM to M rs. Louisii Reed 8towell, University oí' Michigan, before L)ec. 1, that she may be enabled to give thein Informatloo concerninjr their entertainment. The secretary, Harrlet A. Kimball, desires to be informed promptly of any change of nddress. The program tor the meeling is as follows : Kilduy mornlag, nt'J o'clock liuslaeus Meeting Kiiiloy fternoon, at 2 o'olock, Addrt-hH ui Welcome I5y President Augoll Kcspouse Ky Mra. Kshö HlsHell Dakln, lies of Went. Ass'uofCol. Alumuae. I'aper- "The Keltitloii of College Women to Domeatiu Hclenou." MIps Lucy M. Sal mon . Dlscniuiion of tlie i'apur Krlday evenlng, at 8 o'clock, (Untveiuliy Huil . i (Adiulsslon free.) Addresn- "Women aud ttieSoclul Questlon;" Mlsh l-'ruucuH K. Willoril. Haturday mornlng, o'clock üusiness Meeting. Siiturdiiy (ilteinoon.Ht i o'clock l'aper- "The Bocliil anl DomestlO eflects of tho Hlgher Kdiicatlon oí Woineu Mrs. May Wrlght Hewall. niscusHlon if l'a per. Pautr- "What is bcfoie üs." Miss Lucy C. Andrews. IMsousslon of Paper. The buslnesH and afternoon eesgionswlll beheld In room A. Ilnlvcrslly Ilulldlng.