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W'uuUl juii know the keen ilcllglit ï a wholctiome upiiellle, ("nri'straiiii'il by culto' dlre, tl rmlai'he'ü curse, or fever's il re, ThougliU umi ose or ley clillU? Tlien ubö Dr. l'ierce'tt pllls. Dr. Pierce's Purgaüve Pellets - the origina! aud ouly oauiiie Litllc Livcr I'ills; 25 ceutsa vial. The first steps of love are fouml in the admirina stares of the yuung oouple. - Boston Bulletin. The orderlv oí th day is very frcquontly and OisieiniUbly the dinorderly ol'tlic uiülit. - Wiithingtou Critic. If we me to have wiugs in tlie liereafter we ilon't exactly see liow we Hre to sret bar clothfs on. - Furnishing Oomls Jtevlew. Mnny New Ideas in the liO7iie cure of disense-1, iiecidents, and bow to treat thtm, and innny hints of value to the sick will ho fmmO in Dr. KaufniMiiii'a great Medicnl Work; elegant ilUistruions. aend three 2-cent shiinps to A. 1' Ordway & Oo., Boston, Mass., and receive n copy free. "What do you do for a living, Toni?" askeJ au old col lege chum. "Dof I don't do anything; I undo." "Eh?" "I'm a divorce lawyer." "Oh?"- Urooklyn Eagle. Ueadin, Pa., has as m.iny breweiles to the square foot as any town in the country. So that Bacon was right when lie 6id that "Keadlng niakes a full man." - Drnke's Mflraliif


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