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1888. Harper's Magazine. IIJ.U8TRATKD. IlAMi'Eit's MaoASIKI is nu organ of progreaslve thoughl iuk! rnovemenl in every defiartraent of iife. Hesides ollier attraeMoaa, t wlll contaln, durlug the oom Ing year, Important urtlcles, superbly illustiated, on the Ureat West; urlleles on American and loreign Industry beautifully Illualrated papers ou Scotlxnd, Norwiiy, SwIUeilaml, Alnen, and the West Indien'; new Dovela hyWii.liam Black and W. I. Hiiwki.i.9; nov.lleUaa, each complete In a single iiumber, by ilKNHY James. LAFCADIO Hkah.n, aiul AMIlik Kivcs; short storles by Miss Wooi-son aud olher popular wrlters; and llluslratcd papers of special arllatlo and lilerar interest. The editorial departmenta are oonduoted by OïuKiiK Wii.mam Cuktis, Wii.i.iam Dbah, and CHARLM Imiukv W AK.VIK. HARPER'S PERIÓDICA LS. ri'i: ïi'.ui : BABPUfS MAGAZINE SI 0C UAHl'KHS WEKKI.Y i 00 HAIU'KK'S BAZAK 4 UU HARI'Klts TOUHQ PKOPMC '2 w Poêlage Frte lo all subscriben in the L:,iitd Statrt, Canada or Mexico. The volume8of the begn wllh the Nurabera for June and December oi eaoh year When no time Is ipeeiDetl, subsciip Huns will begin wiili Number curreut at time of recelpt of order. Umi tul Volumosof HAdPKR'a MAOAZiNK.for tliree yean back, In nealcloth binding, wlll le sent by muil, post {Mild. on recelpt of $300 per volume. Ctolh i ' s, lor bliuling, w ct-ulu each- by mail, postpuid. Index to IIahtek's JIagazink, Alpliabetical. Analyticiil, and Clawlütid, lor olumes 1 to7D, liiuluslve, from .Iiuu-, isvi, to Jane, 1885, one vol., Svo, Cloth, UW). Remit tunees slioukl be mnile by P st-OfHce Money Order or Uruft, to uvold cliauce of laai. Jfeicspapers are not to copy thüt adi'ertiseirunl U'ithoid the txpresi order of H arkkk A BkothKI1S Address HARPKIl & BROTHEKS, New York. 1888. Sarper's "Weolsly. HAUI'kk's NKKKI,VImsa well.eslJiull&lied place as lile leadlng Ulustraled newspapi'r in Amarlos, Tke t.iirnes, oí as editorial oommenls on current politics luis einiied tur (t the respect and oonfldnce of all Impartlal readers, and the varlety autl excellence of Itsllterury contenta, wlileli Inolude Berltil and short storles by tha best and most popular autliors. tl L II ror Ibe peruaal "i people of tlie widesl raDKe if Instes und pursults. Supiileinents me licjuenlly provlüed, and DO expense l.s BtMUrad U bj lniz ' lie lililíes! nrtlsllc abllty to bear apon the IlluilruUon of the chaiigetut phaaea of home and lorelgn hlstory. In all lts (ature Haiipkh's Wkkki.v Is admlrubly adapteit tobe i welci mie guest In every household. IIARPER'S "PËRIODICALS. PBB YKAR: HARPEU'd WEEKLï i K HARPKR'S MAGAZINE 4 00 IIARPER'S I1AZAR 4 00 HARPER'S YOUNO PEOPLK 2 00 Pottage Fret to all subscriben In the United States, Canaula or itexteo. The Volume of the Wkfki.y begin wlth the itrst Number for January of eauh year. When no time Is mentloned, subserlptlons wlll begin will) the Numbi-r curreut at time of recelpt of order. Bound Volume of Hahpku's Wkkkly for three years back, in neat cloth binding, wlll be gent by mail, poslage palil. or by espreaa. free of expense (provUled Ihofrelalit do s nol exceed one dollar per volume), for %7.W per volume. Cloth Cases for each volume, suituble lor binding, will be sent l.y mail, posipaid. on receiptof $1.00 eaoh, Remtttancesshould be made by PnstOiMee Money Urder or luali, to avoid chame oi loss. Jfewêpapen are not to copy this adrertttement without the erpress order of II A ki'KK & BkotiiV.VA. Addreas IIARPER & HRUTH?;iM, Nbw York. MIIWCH I lOtflO thit paper, or obtin eitirrnt! on dvvrtiting apace whon in Chicago, will find it on file at 45 'O49 Randolph St . f}n S TUAIHC Ui.AJ...tii.igA.ncyol LUItU tt I nUMAOl


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