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The Old Pioneer

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[Tbis poeui was writlen and dedicated to the Siate Pioneer Society by Woodwortli, of Le.slie, Miel)., on the 09d anntvenary of his btrthdaj.] Well, vos. my friends, I guess l'll glve a sketcli Of how we usod to live in the days of thc pluoer, Whonwe liad for uelghbors, bears, wolves añil deer; And the mosquito took an active part, Aiul Iba flre-íly llt lip the dlsmal dark ; Our lurnpike Uien was a cowpnlh made ín a zigzag courae wherever Ihey strnyed. And our rapld transit to the nearest mart WH tliroiiKh the forest wlth ox and cait ; Then we wended our way through the lofty trees; Cut out our road wherever we pleased ; And uir rapld transit t the nearett mart. Was iiii'iiuuli the lonst wlth x and oark Aud Uien our dwclllngs 1 must ti-11 yon abont, How they were OOMlrneted, Inside and out; ourchlmneys were not mude of brlcks, liut mud spread over a pile of stuks ; And he was accouuled a lucky man, Who liad a fiat alone forhearth or Ja-r ; Lenthern lililíes olí Windows and doors, All to match wlth the sldlnicund Boon ; With a box for a table we otten dtd diñe. Whicli did also a bedsteud uud table combine; Our paulry we had was made from long poles, The bedstead four sticks drove lnto some holes ; Wlth some alahs on the top the thlng was complete, Aud our sleep thereon was peaceful mul sweet, lamps, the Mghta whtob lit the dark. Were iliimint,' torobea of hlckory bark ; Aud lic wlm aBpIred to more than Unit, Had a rag for a wiek In ¦ llsh of fat. Then DO fashlons liad we loworry our m'nd, Nu horrld pullbacks or long tralls bhlnd ; Hut with big fur c-itps and suiul hrogans, A picture you have of the frontier man. i the boge back log oí i hc ol.l flre-plnue, Whera the ertoketa crep! out and raa ¦ Andagalnst tlie log tbcre could aomeUoaea be fouud A cooklng utensll fora background. No organ then made tl.c edlfioe tremble In the old school house where we used to assemble; Bul so quiet and meok In gnrbsopretendlng, To worslilp on Sabbatli om way wc went wending; The Kabbath day mornlng was never revealed I'.y Ihcchuri-h-going bell wlth lts low soleinn peal. And no dlflerence In days did we pver detect I!y thecow-bell thal hung nu Old Brlndle'a neck. The tall oaks werp fel I 'U by the pioneer ax, And in the miiuh cabln the matrou spun llax; Andjoggrd the i-ough eradle and sung lullaby, While dreamlng of plenty to come by and by. 'Mid toils and privatlons the band struggled through More thau any can nnilM the land tosubdue. liut the harvestat last n plenty dotli yield, ¦'or botli city and lown the Kraln laden Held. Now thls iii'iiutiiul land to our sous we transmlt; Wlll they In thelr turn lmprove and till lt? Aud tha next generation irom father and sou. Show us a pure record for what we have done ?


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