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The Kaiser's Questions

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The Kuiser woiilil go to the orphannge Udod asummerday; And tliechildren bralded Iheirflaxen hair And tied It with ribbons gay; They tied It with ribbons pink and blue, And each won1 her dreflfl f white. And the Kaiser siiid !¦ tbonghl uo man Uould sec a loveiier sight. ten he tooit liis plumed hat off hls head. And they eourtesled to hiln low. Irsiiid: 'Oodbless you, Wukiren dear. And raakeyou in Mis wisdom grow.1 ie calleil lo his slde a blue-eyed lïlrl Hhe was fair ns ¦ oh lid coukl be). ud he sald : "Stand here. thou lillle one Aud answer mu ciuestlons tliree. " 'Tlils lily, so fair, and white, and swert, To wliat Ulngdoin does libelonp?" To the vegeta hl klogdom, lire;'1 And tier voico was llke a song. ¦And tlils littletiiy ol gold?" Mr slio wed Itere a niiinir lyre.) nd sli e looked np wil li h s in He ar i d siiid : "To the mineral kingdoin, slre.'' 'Uow teil me, my clever 1 i tl Ie niald, 'J'o wlmt klngdom ilo I belong?" Sbe thonu'ht ot lions, of cows, of sheep ; The animal sure Is wrong. he looked at hls kingly air and dress, (Slie was bul a chlld of eleven). And said, with a si Hl and solem n air : 1 I tüink to lhe Kinydum of 1earen.'' The Kaiser looked down, and then looked up, Aud his eyes were full of taan, "The wisdom of heaven dwells," he snld "in the chiM ui leader year. ' Ie feit as if an angel tauuht And hls soul to lts depth was s'irred ; o be lelt a rojal largeu there, For the llttle damiel'i word.


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