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The regular uionthly meeting of tlie council Mooday cventug was i.ratlicrcool allair, tlie frigulity of tlie winter atmosphere sceining to have had its oll'oct upon kecping our city fathers down to a ncarly normal condition. Tlie bnll was oponed by rwdl&goi the minutes followeil by the rilKSENTATlON Of PETITIONS. 01 John Flynn, Joo Martin, and fonr olliers, asklng for a plank walk on the east side of Fifth lt., Mtween North and I'ontiac. Referred to Sidewalk Coinmittee. Of Christian Kocli, A. T. Sinke, and ninc others reciting that the building of a lldewalk and the necessary fllllng in of the same, on First st. between Jeflferson and Mndison sts., caused the collection and holding of large quantity of water for whicli there is no outlet, and Rtklng relief. Keferred to Street Committee. Tlie fire department ollicers were reported and approved. A petition slgned by all the barbers in tbc city was received, asking for the enforecment of the ordinanco closinir barber shops and batli rooms on Siindny. The prayer of the petitioners was granted, and the marshal was instructed to sec that the ordinance was enforced. Of Martha Sheehan, Julia Gall and 30 dtlicrs asking for the establishment of an electric lijíht "to be placed on tlie hill on N. Fifthst. a few rods north of the ntersection of Pontiac st." Keferred to the General Fund Committee. RETORTS OP COMMITTEES. Aid. Swift from the Finance Committee reported the followiiif!; expenditures for the mouth : lat ward fund 14 63 2d ¦ _ 12 73 ;id " " . 8) u 4th " " 56 25 "tii " " ... 8 00 8th " ' 33 31 General atrect fuud tö 6-1 General fund „ 1621 43 Contingent fund 506 "1 Total. $2,435 83 AM. Swift also offered a resolution, which was adopted, refuiiding $24 to-the Hobart CiuiM Trustees tor taxes assessec and collecU'd ngainst the Guild property. Aid. AUniendinger verbally reported that the telephone had been placed in at the frater works, of whicli expense the city would pay f 12 and Uie water company $24. Aid. Allmendinger also offered the fol1 ov ing: Resolved, That the Congregatlonal church to be allowed to use the gas lamp at the corner of Wllliam and State sts, the church to maintain the llght. Carrled. AM. Herz from the Sidewalk Committee reported in favor of grantirig the petition for a sidewalk on the east side of N Thayer st, between Hurou and North sts., and resolutions were offered for walks in front of the followlng premisos : M. C. Le Beau, Clirist. Davison, I,. Gruner, Aliee Condón, P. O'Hetrn, Est. 01 Lucy W. S. Morgan, Est. of John Lynch. Aid. Ncitliauimer from Fire Department Cominittee reported that the committee had ordered the discontinuance ol the telephone at the Michigan Furniture Co. works, and the action was approved. The City Marshal reported the folio wing expenditure of poor funds for the month : lBt ward $10 19 2d 1193 3d " si 8 h " -3 T3 5th " 51 3 ölh " _ _ 2 00 Total „ t 1S2 02 The Marshal also reported six arrests during the month. The City Treasurer reported the following balances and overdrafts : Contingent ftind, on hand _ t),5 5 09 General ' overdraft 8,808 U8 Gen. street " ' 5.54 t lst ward " un haud 5'0 (19 il wnrd " ' _ 122 06 3d ward ' " 54 K 4lh ward " overdraft 1S4 82 ótti ward " on hand _.. 45 72 ölh ward " overdrafl 37 02 City cemetery fund on h'd 54 8L Don tax " ¦¦ i ik Delinquent tax " overdraft 1,228 09 Water works fund on haud _ 788 3{ Court house iikl, ' 28 00 MOTIONS AND RESOLUTIONS. The Recorder got hlmself Into hot wate in doublé quick by offering the following: Resolved, That the General Fund Coramlttee be Instructed to have an electrlc llght lampestAbllshed at the corner of Kuiler and State streets. sald llght to be placed upon a pie not less than flfty leet In helglit. The resolution wascarried. There was considerable discusslon and some warm f teling over it. Akl. Wines called the attention of the council to the turning out of the electric lights some ten or fifteen minutes nhead of time and suggested that the Electric Lijrht Company be requested to comply with the contract hereafter. Aid. Wines (rom Special Cominittee n regard to the injunctiou against the city, reported adversely to fighting the rights of the nity to that part of William street, so long fenced in by privnte parties. AK1. Wines thoufjlit soinetking might he done before long about the old cenietery. Bishop Cleary, of Kingston, Ont., has bit oft'a little more than he can chew easily, and the way he is getting his ears warmed by the ladies of Canada will be apt to make him a little more careful of his wouls, and the truth of them, in the future. Iu a recent attempt to bolster up parochial schools by tearin;; down the public schools, he remarked: "Slodesty is not one of tüe things taught in the public schools; on the contiary, girls at these schools learn to be boisterou?, immoilest, kicking, Kreamlnjl crealures, such as were never seen even among pagnns. Our public schools are de8troyers of modesty, an abomination and a disgrace. All female modesty is destroyed iu the girla that attend them, and they become rude, scieeching females, who kick their heels, flirt their skirls, and stare into the faces of mon with a boldness that must brlng the blush of shame to the cheek of every modest man. Only think of this In contrast with the modesty of the Holy Virgin Mary ! Not many females in Canada would he frightened at the ppearance of a man.'1


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