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B. F. Watts Sundayed In East SagillaW. , Mrs. E. B. Pond s visiting relatives In Adrián. Sara Langadorf was in the metropolis yesterday. Dr. Sulliyan iias been in the city during tlie week. Cashier Clias. E. Hiscock was iu Detroit Tuesday. A. Allison, of the ChelseaHerald, was 1 in the city Monday. Misa Addic Ladd lias gone to Detroit to temaiu tor some weeks. Uhas. Ailes has returned frora a residence of several years in the west. Oeo. II. Mitchell, of Lima, was a caller at the CoL'WEB office, Monday a. m. Supervisor Gilbert, of Chelsca, was in the city yesterday ou county business. Jas. A. Robison, of the Detroit Free Press staff, was in the city over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Keith, of Detroit, were in the city Monday, visiting friends. Miss Bessie Richnrdson, of Charlotte, is visiting relatives and frlcnds in the city. Orla B. Taylor went to his home in Chelsea, Monday, feellng quite indispo.-ed. Miss Lillie Nichols returns to New York City Friday to resume lier art studies. Robert Mann has pone to Detroit to assist his brother Charles, wlio is in business thcre. L. F. Zells is liappy over the fact that he was presented witli a 10 lbs. boy on Thursday, Nov. 29th. Miss Alta Parker was called home yesterday by the illness of her father, Hou. Samson Parker. AllieDodsley returned from New York last Wednesduy evening wliere he had been in the apple trade. Miss McLaren, of Chelsen, has been visiting Mis. Durand, on E. Catherine st., during the past week. Miss Coco and Miss Maud Fewius returned home to Detroit Tuesday, after visiting friends in the city. State Oil Inspector Platt, of PÍttsfield, wlio has been under the weather of late, is now considerably better. Miss Carrie Britton, who has been visitinji Miss Birdie Bliss for several d lys, has returned to Detroit. C. C. Robison, of Cooperstown, Dakotl, arrived Monday evening. He will spend the winter here with liis parcnts. Mrs. A. E. Gregg spent the past week In Alljion visiting relatives. Hermother returned with lier to spend the holidays. Hudson II. Ellis gave a very pleasant party at lus home on Main st. Fiiday eve. Ahout tifteen couple were present, and all thoroughly enjnyed the evening. C. M. S. Best will arrive shortly from Portland, Or., nml Salt Lake City, for a short visit, at the res'ulence ot liis mother, Mrs. C. Best, West Huron St., thence to Detroit, New York, and Boston, for business, to return west abouttlie holidays.