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I PAINT f ¦ Rvmimr COIÏ A ion ovK.roTm;(a rvivr "c-á 1' w.t Friil.ty, run it to Church SuntUy. Ei(tht fcg 9 3E 1 ishionable Sh.ules: Dlack, Maroon, Vcnilion n 9 i , Yellow, Olive I.akc, Brcwstcr and Wagon 5 tf CJ Gl QS, No Vimishmg necessary. Drie hard váf w nllh a "kloe." One Coat and job is dono. -.& 5 YOURBUCCYlfl Típ tnp for Chir. Lwn Se.its Sh, Flrwcr S 3 77I'ots. Il.ihy Carriles, tiirt.un l,Us, I -urniture. ¦L „Q 1J 1 rom Doórs, Store-fronts, Screen Doors. J i 5 M,urii.-s, ir.' Fences, In í.u.t everythlng. Jnst cJ mm tiie tliini; for thc ladtes to u;c about llic huuac '-S . fe FOR ONE DOLLAR M SCOIT'S HONESTÉ yy Are you to Paint tlus ycart Uso. don't t ' i líiiy a paint conulntng water or when 5 C 5 ftirt lie same nmney (or nc.irly .o) ynm ,m pro'-iirc - - UMT WS l'lttli PA1ST that Ís irranlril lo 5?fl bean IIOS, (.KM IMI l.i -I l ) i'!l, PAIST g 3 gj and froe froni water and bcnritic. Ucninmi Lilla ,- b __ hmiiii nn.i taha r: oiiirr. Merchftnti handliog 3 b t are otir arciits and authorized by r:' to nmil 11 to 5 VKAR8 Milli 3 UA'IS M Ifl r% S misa Hh COATS. Our Shadd are the a "g 'S ti l.atest Styles uscd in the East now bocoming -'t UJ so popular in ttic West, and un with thc tin a Trythh brand of llORKSt IHiM and you wtn ïJJ nevcr reyret it. This to thc wise is sufticient j,u o HOUSE PAINT j]j % COITS FLOOR PAINTK a--i Paint tliat never dried bevond the tricky polnt, 3EE tm wmsta a waek, nioil thc joh, and then sweart # T! Nel time cali fur C01T k i 's 1 l,i.,t{ PA IK! -- aC 4 popular and ialtabla rindes, vi,rr.:it.,i to drr U. ¦g hunl ai a ruck out aiglii. .j tr. Nu L 5SaW0HTDHySTICXyÍ


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