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CREAM NlNg l'srd !y the United Stntcs governmcnt. Kniiorsril 'i).v tba beadi "i the Oraal ITnlveralllea its the Btrongeat, l'iircsi.uncl moal ltraitliful. lr. Plioe'l theniily Hiikini; l'owder tlmt docs not couinlii A miñón la, Ltinoor Alum. Sold only In MOS. PRICE BAKIX(! rOWDEH CO., SE1V TOKK. CHICA BT. LOVIS. I THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ Ia TRUTHS FORTHESiCK.n "TTTThTv,. ïratiiiji il." ni TTñnlll BllloiisSpellsdcpend roracascwhcrcSi i. III oni i.i ni ¦uiiiri'Eus i'ini: Bitteks il' it will cure m. aotnssistorcui'Ci lt[ W ill,,.,,,i,lr.,.i.ti""l'rl;lik n Ithattircdaudallgone Cleongethe viHatedH teellng; if 50, ose i,i)c,,i „ u „ v,,u -,-, 1 1 ¦íii.iin-it Bmnti; lta impniiaeí i.iivstll it iMll fiirc ;-¦. ngthrough the sklnll. -777-7-77; n hmPle8.Bloteh08.B iOi-,-iv immíili'!] ín ¦""' Sores. Rely on ? I,. íll u i',,rk 3DLPH1 R BlTTKR8,H tnu iiiiiis nuil v . . . , 11.1 '- Iahopiiíclik8,whodo :""! üoalth W1" fo1 m nut procure 811 fficlODi --111 exerclse, andallwbo S , ,,,,, ,, ,., , . . „„I should use Sl'LPHUR , , , ""„ ; "..' , , '"11 Mu V..11 ,1.. H! ¦'1'.1,". l! l;' ' "'"lili tosufcrfromKheum. ill I.11IM yon upandl atUm, D8e ¦ bottle ol "kyou ítrougiiudl I lio-i If iiMirnrii i;i r i rus ;l" 1"M. ¦ iii it nrvor fails t... mo. M i.niiit l!n tki!-I ? Dont In' wii h nu a willmakeyonrbloodB! _loitle. Trylt; you ('ir', ii-li :ml strong.M ni wlll not regret lt iinl yoiirilcsh h.-ml. F Lmïïea in delicate Try si i.i-in k iüt I I Itiealth, wbo me ill rKBS t.i-iii rlil, amll II lilriin ilown. shonM uw you wlll leep wellll lUSt'l.l'llrH l'.M [KUS. ;lll'l fl'l'l ln'lli-r f,,r1 IJ Do yi int the l-t Medical Wort pulillshed? Bend 'i ; ¦ rut t-tamjis u a. i'. Ordway a coBotton, Man., :t ik t rt'iTlve a copy, tro. AT FREQUENT DATES EACH MDNTH HI"L3síDis 9311 fVii' choice of lh''ái'ati?iJ rX" routes; via piíirnOlJlA denver, ÜflLllUli"'cOUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA, STJOSEPH, ATCHISON or KAN SAS CITT. For dates, rates, tickets or f urther Information apply to Ticket Agents of connecting lines, . or addrets Paul Morton, Gen. Pass. iTkt.Agt., Chica go, III. ARBUCKLES' name on a package of COFFEE is a guarantee of excellenceARIOSA COFFEE is kept in all first-class stores from the Atlantic to the Pacific. COFFEE is never good when exposed to the air. Always buy this brand in hermetically sealed ONE POUND PACKAGES. TutFsPl ktimnlatc. the (rpld liver, xlrcnirlti enthelKtlveonratu. r .- nl1;l.-s lau uuwcIn, and ure uiieiuulcl ui au ANTI-BBLIOÜS MEDICINE, In inaliir!:-.! lüstrirts Ilieir t irt iicn are ldelj riie Dizecl . ns liey ssets ixeo¦lliarprM:r(U-s in ! ti liK 1 s, stom Iroiii Umi polwa. Kl-untl snirur l'OUltd. Dusesmull. "-Tt mrtm Sold Everywhere. Oflice, 44 Murray Si., ïiw York This is the Top of the Genuine PearlTop Lamp Chirrmey. All others, similar are im i tat ion, yQJ-Triiis exact Label S Bsr!V isoncachPearl LjÊ Blj TopChimney. n BffSi 3r A dealer may say VjKjHBBmPV anc th i nk he lias nS 2pfV others as good, XffHX BUT HE HAS NOT. Insist upon the Exact Label and Top. For Sale Evr rywkere. Made only ey GEO. A. MACBETH&CÜ., Plttsburgli, Pa. JAMES R. BACÍ FIRE AND I,IFE MÜIUCII_AGBNI)Ï ! Xo. Itf East Huron Street, Opposite Cook House. Ten Flrst-Clas Companles represen ted. Assctts Over $25,000,000. 1319-1389. C. H. WILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldest agency In the city. EHtablisbed over a quarter of a century ago. Representlng the followliig flrst-class companleii, wlth over 0,000,000 Cnpilal and .ld. HOME INS. 00, of New York. ( ONTINKNTAL, INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. OIRAKD INS. CO., of Phlladelrhln. ORIËNT IN8. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRE and MARINE, of Boston. ItatcH Lovr as tlic, Losses Liberal I y Adjiistod and promptly l'aid. C. H. MILLEN. Get yonr PrintiDï ai the Courier.


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