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A Woudp rdil Food nnd Medicine, Known nnd ned by PhyMotant all over tlie worM. Seott'l Emulsión not only jrives flwli and strength by vlrtne of lts own nutritioiis properties. but crcates an Kppetite for food that builils np tlie wasted body. "I have been uslng Scott's Emulsión for KTenü veart, and am pleased wlttl its nction. My patlents say t is pleasant and palalable, am! all grow troBffer and gain flesli f rom tlie use ofit. I use it In all cases of Wasting Piscases, and it s specially useful for children when nutriënt medication suceded, asin Muasmus.- T. W. Pierce, M. I)., KnoxVille, Ala. The most vlrtuous of all men is he that contenta himself with being virtuous without scekln; to appear so. - Plato. So endless nnd exorbitant are the delresormO, that tliey will grasp at all, and can form noscheme of perfect happiness with less. - Swift. If all so-called remedies have fniled, Dr.Sage's Catarrh Kenicdy cures. Chcaro is the champion curiosity town oftbeworíd. She has a coal-dealer that jtives good welglit.- Clncinnati Ilernld. "My future's at stake," remaikcd a Dnlulh board of trade man as he het hls December wheat on a bal! game.- Duluth Paragrapher. Cliurch choira In Wules are very considérate. They go up to the tops of the higheft tnountalns to practice. - New York Tribune.


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