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"Lower rour muszl," w.i tha'remark made ...

"Lower rour muszl," w.i tha'remark made ... image
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"Lower rour muszl," w.i tha'remark made by a X lahville glrl to m young man who klMcd her on tlie note, - De trol I Pree Press. Ignatlui Doniittlly tayi the A.ttantli WHt submerged in tlie flood, bul Mo es (lili lint scrni to Xnali :l til lllg nbOUt H. - Nebratka State J oor nal. The klndcst uisii we can exprcti for tlie CilioaHO :i n;i n-liisl -i i Huir deatli on the i'iH'w: u II he specdy nnd certaln. -Boston Ueeord. ¦ t Tlie ïiiiin lio WHnted to borrow $100 on liis ciurk dldn't tlilnk the m ttter wortliyofooto, uut the otlicr fellow üid.- Diiluili Pariijfrupher. The boy wboee mot bet wlmled lilin wUh n livt'-i'noi tree tprout naiü he liad enonjrli of Long Braucli for the Ktson.- VValeilt'O Olisciver. Tlie oppogltion of the cliutcliea to horfé-trottlng iliowi is loobcd upon by muM ontstden as miT.'iv ;i raeo prcjuilice. - Dulntli Paragrapher. We hear ;i ffreal deal mora obont college gradúate In lrurnnlifn titan we din bout jonriKilisin In college grudtitttc. - Qurllngton Pree Pre The Trvi rbbber who maAe ibe itifgvdrlver glve un lils Wtf rbnry wittch ilc- rrs to b coiniM'lli.] ti) keep llie til Ing vvoiind up.- Boston Qlobe. Thrlce blessed is bo who wake upon Siuuliy mornlng und doea nol Hnd stepI adder Deocwnry when lx wnnti toscrutoh head. - Nebraskn Stato Journal! The single eye flut li wem by the dude. The theory isthnthc can sea mure witli one eyo Uv can comnrehend -


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