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H t.HU.VIV U1RECTORÏ. ANN Akiiok i'iniMANPKRY, N. W meetR flrBt 'fuesday of eacli moutli. W. O Doty, E. C; W. A. Tolcliurvl. Recorder. A'vsiirKNvw OHAPTBB, No. 6, R A. M.- Met'U flrst Monday each month. Isaac H.mdy, U P.; Z. Roath, Secretary. BUSINESS CARDS. DR. H R. ARNDT, PMYSICIiVISr Offick Ovkk First National IIank. Hour-i f rom !) to 11 a. in., Krom 2 to 3:30 p. m., SiiiiI.iv froin 9 to 10 u. m. UIIJJÍH IIKRZ, House, Sig-n, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! Paperias, Qlazlng, Gilding, and Oalcimlnine, nd wiirk of L'very foêcrlptloil dono in the bent etyle, nd warranted to give aatisfaction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St., Anr, Arbor. W. W. & A. C. N1CIIOI, Boom Over Ann Arbor Savings Batik, Maoiiic Temple lilock. G A.S or VITALÏZED AIR Administcred Pm the pfiiuless extraction of teeth. CLOTH CASKETÍ METALIC And Oommon C !U:is. C&lli ftttentAd to Day r Niubt. Kmblralng a ipeolalvy. Btoreroom on !¦'. Vanhingtoji slreet. K-sideuce Cor. Liberty tnd Klfth. V. II. JACKSOX, IDüESÜITIiTIIIIISIITI!. OFFICK : Orer lach & Abcl's Dry Goort Store. Entratice next to National Bank. BEAL ESTÁTE INSÜRANGB" AGEN8Y, J. A. SESS10NS ATTORNEY AND NOIAKV I'L'BLIC Reni BBSMXé soM or rent6d and rents colleoted on reaaonable term-. None IHU old andHBrst-elan Insurance Companle representod - wilh lnsunmce tnpital of tlO,(XK).')00. Kates as low as anv other .nsnrariee ooinpnny and lauefl pi'omptly pald. Office over American Kxprea oilii-i-, Muin streel. dii Arbor. Mlph. GET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29,000,000. Secnrity hed Ur the prntcciion of the policy bol dure. CHRISTIAN MACK Bepresentfl fho foltowinc BrstHílaíif c"ni' i which one. tbc .Etim, lm alone liairl (óií,(IUU,UOO Hrc loíaes In slxty-flve y..:irs : Etna, of Hartford $ 9,192,644 Franklin o( Philadelplila 3,118,718 Qermaniii, N. Y 2,700.729 Gcnimn Ami'iican, N Y 4,066,968 Londoa Assuranoe, Lomion. .. 1 .410,788 ICIohifcan '¦'¦ & M-, Detroit... 287.608 N. V. tJnderwriters, N. Y 2,896,679 National, Hartford 1,774,506 l'lmnix, Bróokljrn 8,759,036 Losses liberally adjusled and promptly paid. Polieics issued at the luweet ratcs of premium. llDlIf J ui A. Ï51IVÜRSAL fcilS je vp' -i w- - m BA TH Q '" S frih, wit, Miiierm! " -ntnnii] Awurd, hU-rffYtt!rr Ó) C g5 i WÍMtaláRttait. Old Bathi Rrntwrd. f % 8j for ciroiUn. 1. KNOWLTON. Ann Arbor. MÏch. A COMPLETE AKKANi.1:MKNT KOK Physicias aai Families, Noitsr, Cbeaper, AND KOBS CONVENIENT THAN A STATION A HY HATH TUB WITII NO KXPENSE OF BATH ROOM AND FIXTURES. 3i-si BARBER SHOP! OYl'.U TUK POSTOFFICE, GOOI) Clsan ShavGs and Baths! AT A Reduction ia Prices. Ladies' Special Bath Rooms. L KAHOE, - Prop. Come aroundand wash once in a while. It will do you good, take away bad smells and lengtben your life. The Aan Arbor Courier. $1.00 PER YEAH IX ADVANCE.


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