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The Blue And The Gray

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[Francia M. Fluch, a lawyer of Ithica, N. Y has wrltten ¦'The Iilue and ihe Qray," oneoí i h.' ni. i-i Kinkiiiü lyricsof tlie civil war peliod, and other poeius.] By tlie flow of the luland rlver, W henee the fleets of Iron Have fled, Whore the iilailes of the Erave-arass qniver Asli't'i) on the ranks of the dead:- Under tlie BOd and thc dew, Waillug thejudtrment day ; I nder the one i he Blue, Under thc olher the Uray. These in the robines of glory, Those tn the gloam of defeat, All in the battle-blood gory, In the dusk of eternlty meet : - i mli the sod and ttedew, Waitlng thejudgment day, Under the laurel the HUie. Under the wlllow the Gray. Kiom the sllenee of sorrowful hours, The d-solate niourncrs k, Lovlngly laden with tlowers, Alikefoi the frlend and the foe : - Doder the Rod and the dew, Wtiitiug the Judytuent dfty, Under the rose tlie Blue, Under the lillies the Uray. 80, wlth an equal splendor, The tnorDlug's sun-rays iall, Wilh a touch Impartlally tender, ' lo thc blossoms bloomlni; fur all: l'iult'r the sod and the dew, Waiting the Judgmeut day, Uroiderrwtth gold the Blue, Mellowed with gold the (ray. Sc, hen the Snmmer calleth, Uu forest nul tluld of gratn, Wllh an equal raurmur falleth The coollng drip of the ratn : - Under the stid and the dew, Waitlng the Judginent day, Wet wlth the rain tbe Blur, Wet with rain the Uray. Siully. luil not wlth upbraidlng, Tha Keneious deed wfts done, I n t he Klorm of tiie j-ejr are fatlintr. río braver battle was won : - Under the iod and the ilcw, WaltliiR thejudgnient day, Under the blossoma the Blue, Under the garlands the Uray. No more shall the war-cry se ver, Or the winding rlvers be red ; Tliey hiiiish our aoger forever. When the laurel the graves of our dead : - Under the sod and the dew, Waitlng the Judgment day, I.ove and teara for the Ulue, Tears and love for the Gray.


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