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The Honest Dollar

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"I can rccognize au liouest dollar a9 wcll as any man, thougli a little shortsightcd. Hut, gentlemen, money, like flre, tliough a good servant, is a bad master. For niy part, I mourn fnr Vanderbilt, :ind if tliere were any use I wonld pray for Gould. My notion is t√ľat, considering our i)roxiinity to Cunada, tliere are too niiiny Napoleons of Finalice around. Slrange ns it inay seem to tlie average Napoleon, tliere are yctsome people who have an old-fashioned prejndice aftainst stealing. Be su re that he wlioseeks too short a route to rlclies In tliis world wlll liml hig way to tliut qnarter of the world to come wliero not one drop of water Dives put in the stock lie unloaded on Lazarus was able to reach und nioisten the tongue that lieil so well. In short, my f riends, now. as al wars. the true wav to make a


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