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The Pretident'i essay on Pree Trade ail'oids all the Eogllib papen and writer graat satisfaction. Ittendsto the result their manufacturers aro trylng to torce upon us, so tliat our markets muy be tlirown open to be flooded by their surplus of goode. Tint alone oujtlit to be un cve-opener to any oue ia tliis country vlio cares for its prosperity. K does not take graat wisdom to Me that the more r'oreign goods ure brought Into onr markCt the lesa falo tliori' will lic tfoi imrown, niilefs at ruiuous priecs. And If we have to compete afFainst tlieir cheap labor we iiui.-t out our worklngmen'i wagea. This not only breedi poTerty among arüsam and laboren but drives theui into agrieultmv, stock-raising, etc, thus making competí tton sha rper tliere. All are bound together and wht barti oiw imlustry hurta all others. A a farmer prefers to m 11 100 peunds of wool at $5, aud lay $15 for a 8uit of clothes thau to get $15 tor hls wool and pcy $10 for bis snit. He makes doublé in the end. Tlie democracy will have its liauds full palling the wool ever the farmers eyei. The anarchiste want the carth, bul nol in the simpe of lots 2x6. A man lektom liuds hUttauncfa frlend among his persistent Ilatterers. The Iree trade essay of Mr. Cleveland tickles the Detroit EreolBg Nwb cltíar clown to lts toe?. Thé predttairt has mide a convert, sure. Some of the republican papers are oomplainiog because onc Smlth, the olerk of the house, has boen bounceil. Why should a republican hold ollice ander the cnemv - The republican national connniltee has decided to hold the national republlcun i nvention at Chicago, June lOtli, 1888. If the republicana are wise in tlieir seiection tlicy will nomínate the next president there. Isabella county bas voted for prohibition and HilJsdale Is coming into line, haring ordered an election. Before all of the counties adopt prohibition it rnigut be well to see how satisfaetorily the law works where adopted. Just as we expected. When a magnet is put in among crushed ore every partiële of good metal is altracted thereto. And so at Manistee. Since Henry G. Wanty has taken hold of the Democrat, the nunierous publications have eoinmciiord coming to him llt f-tarts out w'.lh absorbing Tue Voice. The military board have decided to hold tne next encampment or state troops at Mackinac Island. Good for the boys. But woe to the frieuds of the boys who dealre to go along to see the show ! Mackinue lanjlords have no more conscience than the bloodthirsty Hvux lectuliirius that inhabit thelr sleeping chanibers. The 37th annual meeting of the State Teacher's Association oectirs at Jansing on Dec. 27-20, in Itepresentative hall. Tile annnal address is to be deüvered by Trof. E. E. White, L.L.D , ¦aperintendent ot the Cincinnati schools, liia lubject bein;: "Universal Education the Duty of the Hour.'' The program is one of miicli interest to teachers. Hailroads issue reduced rate tickets on certain con(litions, to be ascertained by applying to J. V. Ewing, Alma, Slich. Itisproposed by some of our sensible editors to have laws passed exetnpMng from taxation all lands planted with forest trees. As tomethlna must be done, :nul not in the distant future either, this inight be a good tliing to do. There are acres upon acres of side bilis tliat have been stripped of timber, where nothing eau be cultlvated, but where tnes wonhl grow lu.xiiriautly f tlicy were allowed to. Why not put tliis bit of encouragement before the peoplev It would do uo liarm to trj-, thafs sure. The Coldwater papers hnvesbut down on the iree ' card of thanks" business, and it would bea good Idea for all papers to do liktwlse. A card of thanks is au unnecessary tliing to pulillsli, and tbe sooner It Is doue away witti tbe better. - Democrat. Hight you are, and the sooner Ann Arbor papers "shutdowu" in the saine way the better it will be for tliem, for thelr readers, and for the people wanting such cards. There should be u charge of from 50 cetits to $1 each for every such card published, according to the lenf;th. Then, again, obituary notices and obituary poetry ouht to be charged for at regular advertising rates. Newspaper pub lishers are often imposed upon, being too kind-heartcd or good-natured to refuse n iioests for a half-column or more of tlieir space for notices and poetry that none (or very few at the most) of their readers are In any manner interested In. At Jackson tbe papers charge 23 cents for annotincingdcatlis, and anything further than the announcement eosts 10 cents per line. Jackson papers are run upou busiD( h principies.


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