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But a short time azo tlie council of thc city of Ann Arbor took action looking to the reclaimlngof from three to six feet of William st., wliicli had been fenced in by private parties many years ago, thc itrio running from South Main sf. to South Second st. After an investigation the comtnlttee appointed therefore were informed thnt the law woul'l not uphold thc city in taking possession of its own ; that our law ftave title to any person, to any real estáte of whicli tlicy bad retniped peaceable possession for a perioil of 21 years, or tometlilDg to the same effect. In looking over our city charter a ilay or two since we were eomnwlmt stiuek with the provisions in sec. 4, on page 34, which reads as follows : Sur. 4. 'o person shall be deeined to have galned any tltle as against tlie clty by lapse of time, to any street, lañe, alley, cornmon or public square lieretofore lald out or platted by tlie proprlelor or proprletors of aid clty, or any part thoreof, by reason of any encroaclimeut or enclosurcot the same. This seems to be as plain as the English languüge can make it. liul theu, it may mean sometliing exactly, we supposc, so singular are sonie of tlie liuloni arrived in at law. Coffee has freqtiently been recommended as a tonic drink for pationts eufferlng from trpboid or malarial fever. A Germán profeuor, Who niade a careful tndy ot the subject, reports that tlie bacilli of cholera caonot live in cortee, and microbes renerated in ergaotc matter epeedily perish when immcrsed in liqíiid c:iffine. The conclusión he reaches is that cafflne will destroy every known micro-orjranUm, The professor saysthat ooffee is the truepermicide, and benclicial ia nearlj every alicate. The common councll (lid not oonetade, at Ita special meeting laat Thursday erening, to contcst the Injonctton whleh had been seoured jiainst colleoting the "boomlog fmiil ' by the organi.ation known to local fame as the " Kuiguts of Best." U would prove ueless ín this circuit, where an opinión bad nlready been elven, in private, practlcally sustaining tlie tojnuctlOD. lt wiuild leem as thoogli tlie proper time to have "set down" on thisenterprlae vms when Ihe vote was belng taken. Il was an open, fice ballot, and everybody had n rlxht. and it was their tluty, to vote thereon. The inajoiïly In favor of the lax was R fair index of the public sentiment. Mnc-tenths of the people would be Riad to fee the intcrests of the city pnshed forward, and bellevc that it is ¦ just principie ot equity that what benelits commuulty at large should be paiU for by the cotnmuulty ai Urge. The collectlng of this "booraing f nul, ' rvcii it agalnsi the spirit of the law, is not one-qaarter as dangerous to this coniiiiuii it y as is the triumph of the element BghtS all progresa, all enterprise, all thrilt.' If thll element remains at the top, Ann Arbor mtgbt as well Ihrow lip tho sponge lir-i aa laat; abe wlll retnalo where the is uittil dry-rot sets In and destruys what llM already been done. Tliis is i notiee to our Business Men' AssoeiiUion that tiey may {;o ahead and glveol their wealtli, their energy, theiitime and their strongth to build up some of their weiilthy neifhbora, who will Ihen have u better chance to shave notes, lend money 011 good seeurlties, and foreclose their Diortgagei igalnst those in straiteued cl reu mata neeg; bui whether iaJd assoeiaticin will do it or not is agrave queiUon. It may be an error of jiuljiineiit, hut the CoubiKB believes that this nction will be a great iet-back to the prosperity of tlie city, and that ii 11 lakc yesrs lo recover trom it. TTtieii liie pmpoattton topivc the M.C. H. 1!. Co. $3,000, with which to btiild a bridge over their tracks on Detroit st.t was before our people hut a year or so ago, there were plenty of judicial onin ons to be found, some of them of the very bigbeet order, that t was all legal and all right. Xow we are told that practical lv the very saine thiog Is all wrong, Illegal, aod a Mot npon the fair faceof justicc. Funny, It il not P Tbere la an awtul dill'eience 'twixt tweedledeo and tweedleduni ! Uut things do turn out so strangely gometimea. The wind blowelh where it lUtetll, and Ittwtetelb, oh! it twifteth, the ininds of men as il wisheth- so to speak.


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