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Mrs. A. W. Ames is In Detroit to-tlay. JuilgeJoslyn is holding court at Corunua for Judge Newton. M-s Alta Parker has returned to her desk in Wines & Wonlen's. Es-Senator Knbbí is morlns into bis N. [ngall'i .-t. maoMon this week. John II. lïninick has moved into M. ('. Le Beau's new liouse on N. Thayer st. Justioe Friieauff was in Diindee yejterday, Rttendlng meeting of the Xatural Oma Co. Mn.Wm. Hendersonof Pittsfield.gave a largo party lo honor of her son's 2 Ut blrthday last week. Il ui. S:iinsou Parker, of Lima, luis been vtry ill with infiummatory rhciimattem, Uut is now better. Mamie and Nellie Kinsey are expected home trota tin; academy at Mouroc i:ext week, to ipend the holidnys. Missea Alice and Phebe Beal, of Northville, have been visiting their aunt, Mrs. U. A . Beal, for the past few days. Mrs. A. Duim and daughter, Mrs. Virginia Law, leave next week lor Spring tield, Ohio, to spend the holidays with friends. Waite Talcott and bride, nee Grace Forbes, of Kockford, 111., have been spending tlie weck with J. C. Knowlton and wife. Ilon. A. A. Barker, of Edensburg, Pa., the problbltlon candidate for lieutenant governor of Peuusylvania in the last election, has been visiting at J. L. P. McAllistcr's during the week. II. E. 11. Bower, of the Ann Arbor DeiiKiciat, wh'i bal been very sick for the past thri'e weekt with inilammatory rheumatlsm, is considered some better now and hopei are enteitained of his recovery. Prof. W. H. Payne and daughter Mary have retnrued from Nashville, Tenn., actnled by Mis Mary Stearns daughterof the late President of Nnshville College, who will remain here some inonths, with Prof. Payne'i family. Evart H. Scott, M. C. LeBcan, Andrew Campbell and J. E. Beal left last Tuesd ay evenlng for New York City, to attend the uatlonal meeting of delcgates of repiihllcan clubs to be held on the I6th. Win. M. Oáband, of Ypsilanti, will tait later on and meet them there. Mrs. Dr. C. P. Parkill, of Owosso, who lias been visiting the family of ye local, i and otlier friends in the city the past week, lived near Ann Arbor at an early i day, away back iu 18:55, and while here busied heiself in looking up the old ' places familiar to her childhood days. It was soinewhat dlfflcult to lócate any familiar places except in the lower town, ' where she fouiid several, clianged ; wliat to be sure, bnt familiar enough to ' bring lack tlie lemeinbrances of other days, The old Waahtcnaw house and i several of the brick stores are the same na then. Where tbe maaonlc bloek now i stands was a popular tavern in which ¦ the elite t' tbe times- and all were the elite then - attended danclqg pavties. Mrs. ParklU'l fnther, Josepli Howft, lived ! just north ot Dlzboro, and was for ¦ eral yers supervisor of Superior ' sliip. During his service in such ofüce J tlie lirst house was built on the poor ' farm. and the tirst fire-proof office was erected on the court house square. The i record of proceedinjrs of the supervisors w.i very modest in those days, ft taking i only a half-doaeo pages to teil the story ] o) an entire Mrs. P.irkill ' turucd home Honday evening. ( Jolin Kaliubiich, of Sylvan, nud Miss Luiz ot Waterloo, wen married last week. VVheat is quoted at SOc to-day, corn 25 @30c, beftiis $1.25@$2.00, parsnips 75c, turn!pa 40e, oniont 75e. Mrs. Mary J. Spauldinff, formeily of tliU city, died recently at tier borne in Kansas City, Mo., of pneumonía. There are no potatoes ott'ered, but 75 80c is the prtce paid for thein. Apples in the tame eatagory at 3.5O@S.5O per bbl. Judge Joslyn refusud to accept of any present trom the Moiiroe cotinty bar, M ii lattated, preferring tudojhia tluty without rewaid. Drcssed pork bas gone lip a peg or so, bringing $U now for the best. Dressed beef brings ürfflOo for f o re quarters and 6(S7c for liind quarten. You cm sell your butter for 18c per pound now, if it is good, and eggs the s;ime. Drened turkeys are up a little, bringing 6O10c per pound, while cliickens are 7(üSe, and dacki and geest; 8@9c, W. V. Toser Kdd tiis farm southt-ast of tlie city, coDststlng of abont 100 acres, lying in the towns of Ann Arbor and l'ittslield, toJoMDh and Mary Goodman, of Detroit, for $!0,000. The new purCbawn will reside upon the place. Tlic tenant house on the farm ot J. E. Rgers, uear öaliae, was burued Monday ii glit, the tire taking f rom sparks 'rom the stovepipc falling into shavings, e ft liy carpenters who had been at work hert-in. Loss $800, with $300 Insurance iud ühio company. Accordiug to the best judgment of lie various committees, the net receipts of the M. E. jubilee fair will exceed the um of 50J. It is impOMlbte asyetto igure upezactly, as the committees have lot all reported, and many of the tranactions are not as yet completed. The ieport of the Thanksgiving collecion, tlirough some misunderstjndiüg, ias been delayed. The amount was 109, for which the Ladies' Cliar.tible Jnion de.-ire to express tlieir gratitude. 'liey would especial ly acknowledge the Ift o! $20 frojn Wines ifc Worden. This s their usual ye.irly donation, and in ddillon to this very liberal gift, tbey llow a discount on all goods purchased f them by the various ward committees or the use of ihe society. It would be a 'rat help to the society if other business nen of our cllv would '' go and do likewise." The annu il meeting of the Sunday chool board of tlie If, E. church wan eld last evening, and the followlng fflccrs were elected for the ensuing year Superintendent- Chas. II. Stowell. ABs't.Sup't.- Herbert M. Proal Lady Ass'L -Miss Ella Bell. Kecretary- Henry Frost Treasurer- Kddle Gay. Librarían- Eugene MutRchel. Ass't. Librarían- Osgooil Iugullsaml Willle Polcbard. Sup't. of Prlmary depariiucnl- Miss A. F. lournes. The largest attendance in any one abb:ith dnrlnjl the past year was 8(5, nd the smallest 142, the average being 99. It misrht be an act of justice to state bat Mr. W. A. Tolchard positively delined to accept a reelection as superinendent, although it was tendereil him nanimonsly.


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