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A Peculiar Financier

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Patrick C.ivanaugh, saillng uncler the urne of George Barton, and wlio huila rom r.ear Ypsilanti, haü been engnged n selling horses, carriages, etc., for sevral yeaxs, establishing for hiniself a 'iiínl business reputation. lint this (lid iOt seem to sntisfy liim. He wanted 10 nake money faster tlian legitímate trade vouiil permit, and commenced gtvlng bis note wlierever hecould, utilizing bis good eputatioii to the utmost extent n dirposngof such paper. Then lie bought wagns, carnajes and road carts on credit nd si.M i iii'in at less than the original oat. This cauaed people to inquire into lia affairs, and the more they Inquired lie more thcy found out; the more they bund out the more they became alnrmed. 'hey kept at it, however, until about 10,000 worth was unearlhed, gcattcri'd )romlscuou8ly about. In Ann Arbor, lie Ferguson Uoad Cart Co., Wagncr 5ros. and Wurster & Kim are sufferers, nd In Vpsilantl McPlierson & Scott, C. i. Yost and E. A. Bortree have been ii 1 -cl . Besidea these, wagon companies ii (,'harlotte, Jackson and other places ave been sold, as wcll as banks and ote huyera generally. Next Wednesuy Uilt Napoleon of linancc, Ou a small ale, will unswer to a charge preferred y the Ferguson ltoad Cart Co., of this ity, of obtaining goods under false preii.-c, and it is just possibU that he may cceive a frec ticket to JacksoD, where he rf 11 have the compunionship of Toni :ivin and other financiers of hls kiud ir liiiii'.


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