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Shamus O'Brien is worth going to hear. To-raorrow niht. Maggie Mitchell next Wcdnesday cvcnlng, in Fanchon the Cricket. Go and hear Maggie Mitchell ncxt YVednesday evening. A very able company now accompanies Maggie Mitchell. The May-pole scène in Fanchon, is alone wortli the price of admlsslon, as given by Maggie Mitchell at the Grand Opera House, Wednesday even ing, Dec. 2{st. Marguerite Fish's "Chip o' the Old IHock" company, which was here recently, has disbanded. Fish-ing dldn't prove to be lucrative. It was a good troupe, tiowever. We have been lnformed by those who have heard Olías. Erin Verner, who is to appear for the firat time before an Ann Arbor audience at the opera house Frlday evening, that he is au unusually brilliant actor. Don't forget the Kirmess Toa at the Congregatlonal church, Thursilay, Dec. 12, afternoon and evening. The young ladies hayo on hand a great variety of fancy articles, snitable for Cliristmas presents, which they wifl sell at reasonable prices. llemember the Kirmess tea at the Congregutional church to-morrow afternoon and evening. Dr. Kyder assures the public that the familiar expression, "10 cents to get in and $10 to get out," will not be true of this entertainment. Ladies and gentlemen dressed In the costutnes of different nations will be in attendance upon the various booths. Maggie Mitchell, the wonderful Maggie, in all her piquancy, in all her vivaciousDess, in all her attractivencss, is to give Ann Arbor people a visit on Wednesday evening, Dec. 21st. The theatre lovers will be pleased to hear this news, for Maggie Mitchell is a favorite. and always draws crowded houses. One can see Miss Mitohell forty times and be as highly entertain ed the forticth time ns on the first, so great is her genius. It hag been over three years since Maggie Mitchell has played here in Ann Arbor, her last appearance being March 21st, 1883, appearingat that time n Little Barefoot, which gave great satisfaction. To avoid the great crowd consequent upon such occasions it might be well to go to Wahr's bookstore and secure reserved seats in advance, which hayc been put down to the vcry reasonable amount of $1.00. Maggie Mitchell never fails to draw a crowded house, and this time, in her favorite play will be no exception. She bas been tounng through the west this sea8on, and has met with greater success, if anything, than ever bcfore. SUAML'S O'BRIEN. Next Friday evening, Mr. Chas. Erin Verner will iiuike bis initial bow to an Ann Arbor audience at the Opera House in the interesting comedydrama, Shamus O'Brien. Mr. Verner is an actor of rare natural talent and in bis rendition of the title role in this beautitul play has attained a well earned and far reaching reputation. He possesses - ability, earnestness and personal magnetism - which is an essential to greatness in the lustren - ie art. The management have surrounded this talented young actor with a cast of unusual merit. Incidental to the piece the following songs will be rendered "My pretty Colleen Bawn," Guitar serenade " Come to me Mary, " "The Bold Soger Boy," "Trust to Luck," "Wliat ig Love," "Mary Asthon," "Live in my heart and pay no rent" and the "Dublin Dragoon,'' original words, nmsic the great Boulanger March Francis latest national anthem. Tbose wishing to enjoy a pleasant Hnd memorable evening ghould not fail to witness this performance. As an Irish Actor, Mr. Verner st mds without a peer to-day. MAOQ1E MITCnKLI.. It s unnecessary to write any introduction of Maggie Mitchell, she is so well known and sucli a general farorite with our people. The many kind and pleasing things said of her by the newspapers of the country would fill columns, but t 8eems superfluous to quote them. It might not be entirely out of place to give thls paragraph, however, trom the liouisville Commercial : " The story, its scènes and characters are only what this little being, the center-piece of the frnmework, makes them. She is lts soul, its mind, its being." And anotlier paper says tliia: " Maggie Mitchell bas not changed. She is the same memory's dear Maggie Mitchell that she alwuys bas been." Among the good things said of Maggie Mitchell we quote these complimentary words : "She Is lookcd for each successive season just as the season's first, purest and freshest flowers - never tiring of their aroma, their brightness." Go and hear her at the grand opera house next week Wednesday evening in her .great success, Fanchon, the Cricket.


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