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pfpmcrs CREAM akïng l"scii by Uw (Jnlted Stalei lovernraent. Bndonedb] tbc beadi "t Ihe nrrai tJnlvernlilea as the 9trongest, Purest, and most Healtliful. Dr. Prlee'a theonly Bakmx Powderthm does not eonlaln Ammonla, Lime or Alun. Bold "nl PRICE BAKING POWDËB CO., M ,v rOBK. i Bil HT. LOUIB, S Vjhe Best and Purest Medicine (ji$L EVER MADE. II XyavTtntlllnv'tliolIiml(.rrromynur II ; G.f.-t'ni miiJ mako jrou fkiulll cl k&Satclean and smooth. Tho-el I I # '(. ?LPiniili aml liloli li.!. S b. ''', ', dJCwIiVlnnar yoiir iM'Himwi E3 %, V, '{ ?Ware ennseü ly iinpiiroK IB'V v; ¦% ,% 'Lhlood, nd rau ln- II 7.. % ; h '„vs5L"'1' u' yn :mvI I III ' -? "6 sW(i"';"1(' "" I II il I best n.l ''Ikíl, % V "a -"I I cine. Try U, nlV ' ''-,, I II you wlll bo satlsfled. c. o y ' K ¦1 UetltofyoorDruggb. %. (;!L% ÖDoX'tWAIT. GETITATOSCBk M If you (re Krifcring from Kiil 4 lllni'v Dliease, mul leb t'i Uve t'i II ÖA age, u e SÜLPHUR BiTTi:u-V I , . never íail to cure. III Bend I U ount Btnmpí !o A. 1'. Onlway & Cn., Botou,Mas3.,f-" ilworkpuullshaar AT FREQUENT DATES EACH MONTH nñSSSSJFROM CHICAGO, Mni üiS I stlouicDNS [ayitaaj. fl" routes; via PüiirnRNIAMDENVER' uALIrUllC0UNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA, STJOSEPH,ATCHISON or KAN SAS CITY. For dates, ratos, tickets or f uríher Information apply to Ticket Avenís of connecting linos, % or address Paul Morton, Gen. Pass.&Tkt.Agt,tCWcago,lll. AU Druggiits, SBoj 60c., and $100. Preparcd only by Or. Seth Arnold, Med. Corp., tfoomocket, R. I. ARBUCKLES' name on a paokage of COFFEE is a guarantce of excellence. ARIOSA COFFEE is kept in all first-class stores from the Atlantic to the Paoifio. COFFEE ís never good when eiposed to the air. Always buy this brand in hermetically sealed ONE POUND PACKAGES. Tutf s Pilis FOR TORPID LIVER. A lorpid livor derunges the wbolesj'S Icin, uiift jrtitliifi's Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheumatism, Sallow Skin and Piles. riiore Ís no better remedy forthesi' i'fiininftii lieuHH tliun Tutt'N l.ivcr i lis. as u triul uillprovc. PriO, . Sold Everywhere. This is the Top of the Genuine PearlTop Lamp Chimney. AU ottiers, similar are imitation. QXKrhis exact Label iSjK SIlV isoncncli I'earl f4 mA Top Chimney. BSSS H A dealer ma y say JS BfO' o'hers as good, ffC BUT HE HAS NOT. Insistuponthe E::act Label nnd Top. For Sale Evedywhere. Made okly by 6E0. A. MACBETH & CO., Pittsburgh, Pa. fllMUHHIMH 1IS rcvolutlonlzed the world TUTlKMTTrUU lurint; tbe lul half cenliiry. lili Uil UUil Nol loast inioiiK tlie wonders 1 "" of Inventiva progreM Is a inethod aml sysli-m of work tfmt cnn be per formed all over Ihe ooantry witboat epnrating worktrs froni thelr homes. I'ay liberal ; nny one cando Hio work; eltberiez, youii r old ; dü ipeolal abiliiy reqalred. ( ; nol needed ; you re iterted flree. Gut thl out anl return to ui arxl we wlll mihI you fri'.-, on]-tliinK of Kreat value and lmportenoe to you, tbal wil! startyou In buslaeMLWblohwIU brlngyou In more tnoney rlgbt iwny thsD BsytbiDg sise ia tho worla. ' free, Address ïrue & Co., Autlstil, Mullir. ¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ ICi'wiiifli-il are wbo read K n Y"lis a"d the" ac'; u"'' wl" "'"' UiUua i !" "' " '' '' employnunt that wlll Dot take them frorn thelr homes and families. The pronta are large and Mire tor cery liuïtist i iotis persoii, many have made aml nre uow inakinx several huudred dolían a montb. n is easy tor am one to make Sr and upwardfl per day( who Is wil II uk towork. Bither sex, jroung or old ; capital oot needed ; start you. Bverylhlng uew NoHpeclal ahllny Minimi, yon, reader, can lo It mí wil :is Hiiy one. U'ritH 10 M 't once lor fuii partloulan, whieh we mail (ree 'idiess -un-iin a öo„ Portland, Main.-.


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