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The lloli.l.n s And tlit' Clürr winter weather are nOw mpidly approaeliing. The joyful MMOn eagerlv nnt;cipated by younf folien in thousnnds of homes; but In nearly uil tbcH are one or more older ones t wlinin tbe colil waves niul the 6torm9 tneiin reneueil .-iitVcrinw fioin rheumirtlo back or linib--. It is nol claimed tliat Hood's Sarpaparilla is a rxwltlve speel lic rr rhfiimatlsm; we doubt il theie is orean be rucIi a retnedy. Hut the remnrkKbfu mimmi Hood's Sarsiiparilla has liad In curinjr tliis atVeciion i ¦ufflcietit l'i ason tor thflte wlio are rufffering 10 tiy ibis pt-callar medicine. ? Young Smnpson, who thinks lie play na oorifH. is siTietladin bis Crl wlien tHe oUI man int. rrupts hlm wltb : "Here, yon! We don't wa it hiiv llb at tliis hour ut' tbc nigbt."- l'hiliil-lpln llfWS. A fcieiitist renmrks tliit Hhtc are foicc8 in nature tbat nevcr s:cp Ye?, tliat'd true - aml ilicy won't lit anybwly clse lleep, fit lier - tbat is I imvc been tolil so. Sonic ny Inred Doifder rUI kill Vq( but Jolm w ho bis tougbt Hironli in. ii wan aj'8 tbat tlit. only pop suri; thing is to burn up the béaüttead. Au OITeuslve Brcath f mol lilie-in:, nol only to the pirsou :i(rl ete'l if lie li ive any pridc, bul to tbose wiib wtiöm lie comes in contact. It a iltlicate matler to speak ot, bul it bas not only pirtetl Iricinls but loverf. Bad breath and catarrh are Insuperable, ür. Sage'g Catarrh Keinedy cures tlie worst cases iis thousaiuls can tertify. Consider the l.linded beast tlmt tui na Ihc wheels ol the mili, which tbougli it see not, neitber knons what It dües, yet does a rreat work iu Krlnding the Oorn - Milinos the Quietest. "Arrah, thin, Mr?. Dlvilis, will yon co to the circus wld a select pui ty tltls day?" "Faltb, thin, airs. Morlarty, mlnny tbanks, but I expect a little circus of me owii. Tliis is the old maii's day for etting clhiunk." - Life. Bucklen'.s Árnica Salve. The Bost Salve in the world tor Cuts, Bruisen, Sores, Ulcere, Salt Rhenm, Fever Sores, Tetter, ('h:ippcil Hands, Cbilblains, Corus, and uil skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay requlred. It is guarnntéed to jrlve perfect satlsfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For Sale bv Eberbach & Son. He Süving, but not at the cost all liberty. Have the spoil of a kin and the band of a wise economist. - Journal. New S.TVant - 1 was two ypará in uiy lasl place, nnini. Mistress- Oh that ipenks wtll fr you. Where was it. New Servant - In the refortnatory, mam. - Puck. It me Show Yon YVhnt n savinp I have made dtiring the last year by belnp my own doctor. Lust year 1 paid out $90. "23 for doctors and tbeir medicine; tliis yt-ar I paid #5.00 for six Biittles of Sulphur Bitters, and thev bavc kept bealtb in my whole famlly. They are tbe best and purest medicine ever mRde.- Charles King, 00 Temple Street, Boston, Mass.


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