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Annual Meeting Of The Washtenaw Pomological Society

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The aonuul metMJflg ot' the .society Utnfc poe the 81 t December, with .1. I). Bnldwin in llic chair. The reroidlag wcwtitry, ]. Qaozhorn. gave in IntereilTay report of tl' work 01 the society ilurlng the yenr, the topics of diacUMlnn of every meeting, etc The coi nspondmr secretar}' rcporte.l tliat the society held !." Bieetïbgfi durirjfi tlie year, 1 II) in Enjillsh and Gerimn on moetlnjrs and loptca "I di9cussioii wliich lic liml t cöllecf, eoriespondenccto newspapeis, hotb In Ki)filih and Gorman, HS; pnnblpal md most eonspicuons results ol the work of tlie njcIety: l,rheaier und bettërtratigportutlnh ; '2, Ann Arbor t ruit preserving faetones. Miieh ;ood wa-i aceoinpVshe) ly tlie society in tlie encoiinigemeiit of ftetter cnltivaUnn, botter vin iclics of fruit trees, of sinall Milt, tlie uses of fruit and s itiitüiy tienelits resullin; from u ju'licloup use of fruit and fruit, presorves, tlie elevatioti of liMiulwork trom mere drndgery to intelligent (iccnp.itioii. An inteicstiiiL' ("¦..t ïi of tliese meetiniis we. e Ilie elli')its of the flllits of the .iMson, dl ie il md re-ervcd fruit and of llowcrs. '1 lie intoiest ludios liuve ti.ken in In r.iciliuie iluiingthe year ík eneourngins;. It In desiralile liiat all tlie tnnt jriowers ut Wa.-lrennw, nd tliosi; intricsted in fruit, Jotn the society, uhieh, alllnugh vlgofoa, is yetsmill in iinniljci lf active ineinlie'3. W'tlnuit organized wnrh the society coul.l nol lv ace inplislied whiit it did diiriiig tlie yenr. The report of the tre'iiiirer, John Alinaini, .-liowed thut the society is not out of debt yet Jt v:is reeolved tintt the executive coinmittee innkuan especial effort during the eoininjí year to solicit additions to the merabenbip. The farmers are Indebted to the society for tlie establisliinent ol the Ann Arbor fruit iaetory, ivhieh ha tiirned out for Ihem a good jelly, apjile hnltcr aiul dried fruit fioui truil which olherH isr WOUld h-ive wnstrd. l'rof. 15. K. Nichols' report on tranpoilation tbuMred Ihat ahout ninc khlppèfl had not yet paid the extra fee of olie cent per bualiel to defray the expenses of the conmiittee in titting np a car ftnd in 10pei inleiidinii the trausportation, the intioilnctiiin of whlch has cost the comniittef i ii u li time and Intelligent labor and luis-avet! thecbipi'crs $-'t7ö. üneshipper, with a bifr military title bcfire. Ids name, refused to ny thls sniall tax A vote of tlittiiKs was tendereil to J. D. Bnldu'in, u ln presided so eftlclently oe the meetlnjrs sinee riiiieuient of l'rosidei t .1. AiiBtin Scott, the lonnder of tin' s. e ety, hom it alwavs wlll ratofully remi mber and welconie to its sessions ¦liene ver Mr. Scott is .'lhle to atU ml. The secretarles itlsi) roeeivid a vote of thanks. 1I.FCT1ON. J. D. üalihvin wis elected president of the S' eiely, lrot. It. V. Niel oU flrst vicepresidMit aml the other otllcers were reelecti d The exertitive ei mniitlee coii.sists of W. V. liird, í A. No dinan, John Al nat)'', the pro-ideiit and secntary. EX1I1U1TS. James 'l'nnil hail a line display n( 11 w er: K Bkttl exliibited the Jonathan, a beautilul red apple, one of the lit t kcj - its, t'olden r.i-M'f, ,lt. , I)'A;cin hiTuaiid winler Nelis pcars. 'lOIMCS. Very inlereftiiifr t"pii ill be disrusM-d dnrfiiy the winter miniths. Prof. made xperiments to be dMrDMed in xt nuiting. A f i uit exeiiatiffe, one of the must important qm-stion to gmwefl a wi 11 im to eongumers ol fruit. The quei-tions, " Is Ann Albor a proper place tor h butter mul cheese fsctöryf" "The keeinL' ii) and iucreasiiig the lertility ot the mil ;"' "Whut trt-es hall we plant next snrinj.' ?"' and other qiUfttiona of iniportanou lo ewry plant-r of fruit, will be tngn ereil.


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