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My Boy Still

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Do yon tlilnk I've forgotten the day I carried hlm at my breast 1 Many fair chlldren I've loved slnce tlien, Hut I thlnk that I loved hlm best, For he was our first-born chlld, Jobo, And I linve not tlie heart. or wlll, To love hlm les ; whatever muy come He's my boy still ! I rememher when he was a llttle lad. How he used to climb on my knec; How proiid we were of hls beauty, f tttm Wtt HiMl mtnilory. And I know quite well he's a man now WHh a wild and stubborn wlll ; I3ut whrttever he I to you, John , He's my bov still. He was Just llke sunshlne about the house, In thedfiysof hls happy youth ; You know we sald that wlth all hls faults He had courage and love and t rut h. And thouh he has wandered far away, I'd rather you'd say no 111 ; He is pure to come back lo hls mot her , He's ray boy still. I know there wns nevera klnder heart. And I can remember to-day, IIow often he went with me apart Andkneltalmy kneo to pray. And the man wlll do as the boy did, Sooner or lafcr he wlll ; The Blble is warrant for that; so He's my boy still. A mol her can feel where she can'l see, She is wlser tlian any sage; My boy was trained in the good old way, I shall certal nly get ny wage, And thoueh he has wandered far awoy. And followed hls wavward wlll, I know wliatever. wherever he Is, He s my boy still !


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