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SELECT TALES FBOM THE GESTA. ROMANORUM.- Translated frora the Latin wltli Observations and Notes by the Bev. C. Swan. New York: O. P. Putnam's Sons. For sale In Ann Arbor by Andrews & Co. Prlce, 81.05. Tliia is a beautiful little volume, and one tlmi the reader of gond things will appreciate. The contents consist of a number of moral and entertaining stories, nvented by the monks of old, which they related to each other and their frieuds for umusement as well as instruction. Home of the most celebrated poets of the present day have druwn front these quaint and oftcn Hbsurd tales, their plots and clothing them in their owti bri;lit and pleaslng language have given them to the public as contrlhutlons to the literature of this age. In reading these tales you should keep well in inind the age In which they were wrltten, and though absurdities may nppear to you, yet if they served to imprtss the mind of the public for wlioni they were written, their tnerit was great. There will be many a one interested in this little book given U9 by that piice of publishing houses, G. P. Putnam's Sons. THE KENTUCKY RESOLUTIONS OF 1708. - An Hlstorloal Study. By Ethelbert Dudley Warfleld, A. M., LL. B.. barrlster-at-law. New York, G. P. Putnam's Son's. For sale In Ann Arbor by Andrews & Co. Prlce, $1.25. This work will interest the student of political history of our own times and the future, and purports and doubtless is a true and faithful account of the causes and circumstances that led to the adoptlon of the Kentucky resolutions of 1793, which have have had sucli great influence upon our conetitutional ind political history. If the statement be true that the original documents have been neglected by writers upou this subject, and misstatements made that have liever been corrected. and have been repeated until they became the seed of error, then Mr. Warlield lias indeed done the public a service in bringing to the light these original sources of truthful information. The author says in his preface: "If no other good is accomplished, yet if some part of the credit that is justly due to John Breckenridge, the mover and responsible author of these Hesolutions be recovered, this work has notbeen written in vain." A person pursuing this line of study will deem this book a valuuble one, but ├╝fe is too short and peace too sweet for a common newspaper man to wade through its heavy pages and worry his brains over tlie alien and sedition laws of that early date, consequently weshall have to pass it by witli the remark : "Sufticient unto the day is the evil there jf." ELOCUTION FOR ADVANCED PUPII,S.-A Practical Treatls. By John Marray, Prof. of Elocutlon, etc. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons. For sale In Ann Arbor by Andrews & Co. Prlce, $1.00. The public has been surfeited with works upon clocution, all of about the same general tenor, and running in the same general rut. In this work the author strikes out in a new and daring path, overturning many of the old and generally accepted theorie. It is certainly "a novel treatment of the subject of elocution, and one that is specially designed for mechanically good but inartlstlc readers." It is a California production, and like everything that spiings trom that wonderfui soil and climate Is striking in character. A Californian being asked by a Michigan pomologist once how they sold strawberries in his state, made reply: "Wall, its owlu' to how much a feller wants. If he takes a whole berry the price is much less than if only a a pound or so is wanted and they have to cut one." This doesn't apply to this book very well, only as it is characterlstic of all products of that wonderful fertile country. There is much that is good to be learned in these pages.


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