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wneat is looking remarkably wel throughout the township. Seven of Mr. Brayman's clilldren are down with diphtheria, one deatli to-day and the othera are in a precarlous con dition. A. C. Taylor, altending physi clan. School in the Dressel house district has been broken up. Two years ago it took three male teachers to teach one winter term, and last winter their man was a John L. Sullivan on the knuckles anc rlnished the winter term, but not withoul iinich abuse. Their last vlctim Mr Mitchell, a fine scholar and reiitlemanly young man, tlirew up the school, having taught live weeks, and doubtless thlnks he is the best abused man that has left Free-dom in years. A pedagogue who will please all members of the district, pet the scholars, and niake the parents believe all the large scholars are qualilied (o teach school will receive good wages. Apply to the school board: Heury Breiteifwisher, Dir.; Herman Bertke, Jlod. ; Peter Guiñan, Asses'r. Milan's race track is to bc fencad in. Manchester sigheth lor a singing school. Apples do not keep well thia year, the farmers say. Scarlet lever is reported In many placs In the county. Mrs. Eliza n. Dewey, aged 84, died at Milan Dec. 17. The boys over In Milan are said to be expert skaters. The Manchester milis ship flour to Richmond, Va. Geo. J. Gross goes froni Saline to Iowa this week for a two mouths' stay. Annual ball at the Clifton House, Whitmore Lake, Friday eveuing. Better pay your taxes before next Sunday and save the extra per cent. Ou January 4th there is to be a dance and oyster aupper at Lima town hall. Tim Drislane, of Cuelse:i, has exchanged his house for a farm In Lima. Stephen D. Laird and Miss Lulu Spauldlng, of Ohelsea, were married Dec. 15. Dexter hopes to commence the next term of school in her nice new building. Chelsea has a shooting gallery for those who have idle time on their hands. There Is to be a fine entertainment in the M. E. church of Saline this evening. The high school seniors at Chelsea have adopted heliotrope and pink as their class colora. All of the Chelsea churches had special Christmas seryices for the children during the week. More onlons iban ever promised in the Pittsfield swamps next year. Henee these S-tears. Pinckney has a new Father Matthew total abstlnence society that ia sald to be doing good work. At Chelsea there were but 3,000 loads of wheat delivered at the elevator this year, against 5,000 last year. Mr. and Mrs. Ira B. Laflin, of Ypsilanti, departed for Florida, Monday, for the benefit of the former's health. The Zlon M. E. church has been organized at Saüne, and held a service last Sunday at the resideuce of the pastor. A better holiday. present to a friend could not be thoujrht of than a yearly subscription to the Couiubu. Only $1.00. Lucy L., widow of Richard Gorton, of Ypsilantl, has been granted a pension, for her husband's services in the Mexican war. Fred Layher, of Brid?ewater, will be trled before Justlce McKinnon, of Saline, to-day, for keeping his saloon open ou Sunduy. The address of Jay Orcutt, formerly of tillan, is now said to be somewhere in Ontario, Canada. All because of Bohemiau oats business. Eva, the llttle daughter of Jinncs McCoy, of Detroit, formerly of Yisilanti, has got to be a famous niiivl reader, to the Detroit papers sny. The Yp8llanti Sentlnpl does not bellere ín Sam Jones. Whether Sam J. bas heard of this or not is a query. But he probably hain'l, lor he keeps right on I ' preachinj:. ! Lyndon has to raise about $3,700 in ] taxes this seasou. According to the taxroll John Clark possesses the most of this world's goods, hls taxes nearly rtachinz i $100.- Chelsea Herld. llie Milán merchants have been Indulging in a war in the price of oil, getting down to 80 per gallon- (a fair price at any time, were it not for the monopoly)- and the people in the viciuity are de-lighted thereat. The Sunday school in the county tbat has not given its members a Cbristmas tree or special service of soine kind, is the exception. Take it all in all the youngsters have quite generally had n good time this year. Several Ann Arbor student.? and toughs attended the mask dance, Friday eveuing and raised a row in the hall. One of tnein, a young fellow named Clancy, carhome a remembrancer in the shape of a beautifully (rescoed eye.- Saline Observer. Correct, if the job was only well done. Mrs. E. R. Aldrich arrived home from Detroit, tnls morning, and died just after beine; carried into tlie house from the hack. She had been íeeling so much better for a few days, tliat she wanted to spend Christmas at home, but alas for human expectations, she returned only to die in her home.- Saline Observer Dec. 22. On Sunday night the South Lyon roller process milis, situated near the depot in that place, was burned. The niill proper is a total loss, but tlie elevator was saved. The loss is about 20,000 with from f 10,000 to $13,000 insurance. It i8 thouglit that the fire was the work of an incediary, as one of the Windows of the engine room was found to have been broken open. Mr. and Mrs. Filkins of Superior met wlth a serious Idss while visiting Detroit one day last week. It seems that he had put the horse hedrove, in thelivery barn of Henry Boyd for the night, and returned in the morning to find to liis horror, that during the night the barn bad burned with six horses, bis own amon" them. Mr. and Mrs. F. were obllged to return by cars. Loss about $150.- Ypsilantian. Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 1S87, Messr. Hugh Sherry and Timotliy Sulüvan waited upon Kev. Fr. Considine, and in the name of the parishioners of St Mary's church, presented liim with n purse of $175, with which to buy liim a horse. The gift was peculiarly gratifyIng as it was given to the Kev. gentleman as a personal and not as a parish ofterlng. St. Mary's pastor is certainly deserving of substantial recognition from his people, and we beg to ofler congratulations.- Chelsea Herald. We have particulars of another robbery at the depot, whlch occurred last Monday. A man was relieved of liliv dollars by two scoundrels in a barber shop on the soiith side of Cross streef, who interested him in a game and picked lis pocket. Occurences of tliis charac;er in thac neighborhood are becoming frequent, and they indícate the existence of a gang of thieves and swindlers who opérate in that locallty, which must be broken up; and if we have not guurdians of the peace upon whom we can depend 'or that, we must provide such. Ypsianti cannot aflord tliat sort or business, and must not tolérate tt- -Ypsilaiitian. The most delicious slanderer I the press gang now is the scribe on the Adrian Press: "Chelsea has a bucket-sliop, jad colds, sheep thieves, scarlet fever, a shooting gallery, a weather prophet, and a reviral series. "Whom the Lord loveth etc". Notsatisfled with painting Chelsea in ebony color, he needs must use his 'earful words on a southern school marm n this wisc: "A Nora, Washtenaw school marm' punishes her refractory mplls, by setting them up as targets and iring squash pie at them. She is said to e a straight thrower too, nnd can paste a gob over tlie eye, the best three in live, easy."


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