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Gen. Alger's Beneficence

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Gen. Alger has just done nnother noble deed of charhy by frmng ¦ ton of coal or cord of wood together witb a barrel of llour to 1,000 poor families in Detrolt; and a new suit of clotbes to every deservin" newsboy in Detroit. Sucb men are not numerous, but are of the true nobility. Neither (loes bis noble gencrosity confine itsclf to holiOay remembrances of the poor, for ncarly every charitable institution in tlie state at some time or other bal had its inmatesdreary llveg brightened by bis thoughtful and qniet help. It does not stop here, for the hundreds of r;ülroad emploj-ces are not forgotten wbeo acniricnt incapacitates them from WOrk, and bis :u'iny coinradcs alwnys flnd li i ni un encourager. Aithoujrh he started poor, be is nowpeveral times a mil I ionaire, wblte tiie ffood he dote with wealth makel no man beftrudge him bis success. Qeo. Algor will tlwayí be nmembered as Gov. Bsgley waa for bis beart uní noble life. To the other liberal jíifts of Gen. Algor shoiild be added tbe followtng tliis c;n: To ti sclmol for the blind ut Lansing, $75; to the reform school at Lnnslng, $2; to the iustitution for the deaf and the dunib ut Flint, $100; to tbe state industrial school forgirll at Adrián, $100; to the state public school at Coldwater, $100. TbeN lonu werenaed in rariotu wkyi to help make tbe boys and girls happier or more comfortable. He aleo tent the veterans at the foldlers' home $200.


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