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Another Cycle Ended

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Ar.other year lias ncarly wound otl'its last threail, nul Oíd Time comes smilingly forw:ird wkh a ncw spool of days labeled 1888, whlcli he will unwind as dclibcrately as he did the one that is just passing away forever. The neyer ceasing roll will bring to us ncw cliapters ín our lives; it will bring changos aud surprisep, joya and sorrows; but alas, it can not picrce some of us more keenly with tlie panga of grief tlian has the past cycle of daya. Others have doubtless been blessed witlunusual happiness, for so it goes; bitter sorrow comes to one, blessed joy to another, but in turn both reuch all. Dcatli entera a happy homo, takes from its circle a beloved wií'e and blessed rnother, leaving t lioso wlio loyed her in the shadows of deep sorrow, weighing down thcir lic.uts wiüi grief so bitter, so cold, so desolate, those only who have passed througb it can tell. But this is only oue of the changis wliich sooner or hiter comes to us all. Iu niany other houeeholds are, at tlie same time, cnacted different cliapters in the reallties of life. A biide puts her hand in the hand of him she lovcs and takes the vow of wedlock, and the mlolsterlng angels of joy liover about the couple and biets tbcm. Thcn again a new life is ushered into the world - a wee, helpless bit of humanity - but its coming brings joy to the household, and its every want is anticlliated by fond liearts and loving banda. Birth, marriage, death; Oh! existence liow niysteriou.-! Cry4os we enter life, and sorrowfully depart froin it; from wlunce we know not, to whonee we cannot teil. All that is given to ua is to live, love, sorrow and die, tnisting to the unknown God for happlneaseternal beyond the mysterious river.


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