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BO.GOCBIKB:- in tlio isue ot uie CouiiiBii of Dec. 21st, my attcntioti was cal led to an articlc signet! by "A Tired Boomer," rdlectlng, in a measurc, upon tlie public spirit and enterprise of the men who killed off tbc booming funil. Boing tcqaainted wlth sonie of these gentlemen, leails me to believe that they have been mlxjmlired. It was the principie that they were flghting, not the tax. They are men who are too well off financially to cm for tlie few cents of extra tnx that would have been thelr abare, and are in the 111:1111 liberal, public spirited anc broadguage citizens. We presumo, it our friend will ask them, they will, nnless it bo In one or two instancea, responc Wlth a liberal subscilption to iny fund ti be used for the puipose of ad vaticina uu building up the city. Being property owners they are neces esarily interested in cvery thing that wil idvancc Uw value of property in the city. To infur that they would allow others to advance tlieir values by gi ving whilethcy reaped thebenelits is an mjustice to tlieir sen3e of llberallty. The only qualities irossessed by that salt water product so well known to thid age anc generation, and so useful In lts place, the spongp, are those of absorbing whatever of a li(uid nature that H naay come in contact with, and retaining the same until it Is forced out by squeezing. Every commuuity has its complement of a like class of citizens, who are willing to wax oleagenous at the the expense of others and ( n!y be made to contribute to their own benefit by a eystein of judicious squeezing, a procesa the booming tax was cale ulated to perform. But such a process is quite unnessary here, where all that is wanted Is a chance to coma to the rescue. The best way to do is to ask them to help. Don't be bash


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