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GRAND OPERA HOUSE Thursday Evening, WORLD QF FUN! Engagement of the Eminent Germán Dialect i Comedian and Vocalist, Mr. Chas. A. Lodcr, And ii Oompony of Comedian In the Latest [aghlng .Suecess, " HILARITY " Fan, Music, Mirth, Melody, Special Sccnery, Stage Setting, Properties, Etc. The abovo Excellent Company Is aecomnanied by the Celebrated " Hllarlty" Patrol Band and OrrlieMtra Under tho dlreollon of Professou Edwahd ilowsux, ADMISSION, 35, 50 and 75 Cents. No extra charge for reserved seats, now on sale at Wnlir's liookBtore. ONE NIGHT ONLY? SATURDAY. DEC. 31st, 1887. Sisson k Caéoroe's Comedy Co, Pudor the Masijoncs: of 3. W, B2AD7, l'HK3E.ÏKI) LITTLE NÜEGBT The Brlglitent, Fmifiloxt and Best Ha¦leal i.iiK !) Kver Writuii. Ilcadcil by the Ts'.cnted Young Irish Comedian, HERBERT CAWTHORN ! Ably Biipportcd hy the Charmlnj Soubretto and Accumplishcd Vocalist, MISS JOSIE SISSON ! Also the favorito Kcccntrlc Commedlnn, OSCAR SISSÖN, And a Competent Company of Cnrefnlly Sclected Vocal and Comedy Arti.-ts. hu l Wonderful Sceaic"& Uechanical Effect: ZW PRICES, 35, 5O AD 75 CENTS. NOTICE! TheAnnual Meeting of the WASIITENAW MUTUAL FIHE INSURANCE COMPANY wlll bo held In the Office of tho Company in the City of Ann Arbor on Wednesday, Jiinuary llth, A. D., 1888, at 10 o'clock, a. m., for the purpose of eleoting flve (5) Directora for the ensulng year, and transacting such olher business M muy romo bofore such meeting. WM. K. CHILD8. IIENUY D. PLATT, Secrotary. Tresldent. 2w gP A I N T 1 ( j Rymtnr fOIT A CON OF-fOAT Pr;(Y PIVT '-5 ¦f I'.tmt FrkUy, run It toChurch Sund.iy. Elht = g E I'isht"nible Sha, les: BUck, Maroon, VerimUon „ „3 Blue, Ytllow, Oltve Lak, BrewiKI antt Wgoii n d fgS Cfcou, No Vanüshtng necanuy. Drios bnrd t5f wllh "lUoe." One and Joh U done, 5 YOUR BUCCY m . Tip top for Chalrs. Liwn Scan, Sash. Flocr Í =M ?" . fob, il.iby CanlafM, turt.iin l'olcs, lurniture. í „Q UU 1-r.iiit Doors, Storc-fronts. Screen Doors. lio.-lts, 3 3'l-.. Iron l.i. n-s, In f.ict ereiytMnf. Jnt c- "" the tliint: for the Lidies to use about the house S . fe FOR ONE DOLLAR I SCOITSHONESTiIf ¦ MUM i! ncirlyso) youcan procure y - "3 f COIT A ''S l'LltK 1'AIM' II Mrrn1rJ tn -1 - bean nOUKST, QEXt'INK MN8KBD-0IL PAINT S and free frWD wmtVTWld benzine llrmnnd thU u w & T Itr.tutl nrtl tal lio otlior. Han h.mts f..iii(llin(f 3 &9 t areotir nt'cnts mul aulhorized tiy us. tn wriliii,', s 'S g to xnrrmit it lo wrar & VKAKH nilii :t C0AT8 W O" I ff S YKUta ntlh 2 COAT. Oor Shad .irc the gEq '¦' l.atcst Styk-s tn the Hast now bccotrilng C'T J M . tnd Hp wlth the times S S?u r Try B" brand oí H0KK8T PAÍWT and yoti iriU ¦gjjj K# 11L-vcr IVgTft iU Tliis to the wtM I1 niAclanl U „ = HOUSE PAINT J{ g COIT'S FIOOH PAIHTLi 1 2 P.ilnt th.nt nevcr clrle.1 bcytiml !he stkky iint, Z? ¦ Kat time c.ill fof COIT T rl.uoic PAINT ü X 4 popular aiul bur. - , i: p.l. .1 lo .Ir !_ ¦ Z linrit M rock nir ul3l.l. NO tTOubl Kn '__, ;SgaWDHTDRYSTICKYgS ' " A BÖÖKFflÜTTHE PEOPLE." Ë CAPTITATIPÍG ! C8BFI ! B iien ] DUeuuiona, nd Papen on tito i,11 iri-ull'ul)llciurHtioiiui thr.l'n! liii l'rocnl, o iv jamen ;. ni.viM'.. Ir. the AntiSlaveru Blrugal, Om -i i.j"i ll 't4i 11' a Poi Cahtj ibwI re i-ATiuNj ron lEBRrronï ComNO in wit a Kiwii I b iRLrxe UK08., in, mem.


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