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(Mfj.OO. Have jou seen those m[ Extraordinary Wraps? At BACH A ABEL'S. (f 1.00 A Great Line of Silks, d) I Surahs worth 20 per et. raore, At BACH A ABEL'8. [MBROIDERED HDKF'S, Matchless, 50, 75, $1.00 to $2.00 At BACH A ABEL'S. ÖMC.OO Have jou seen those UtU Extraordinary Plush Wraps? At BACH & ABEL'S. MUFFS and BOAS, Glorious forNewYear's Gifts, At BACH A ABEL'S. SILK and CASHMERE Mufflers, Matchless 75c to $2.00 Lines, At BACH A ABEL'S. ÚJ Q.OO. A Great Line of Ladies' J)n Wraps worth 50 per et, more, At BACH A ABEL'S. CP.OO Have jou seen those (h[) Extraordinary Newmarkets ? At BACH A ABEL'S. I 1NEN TABLE SETS, Glorious for New Year's Gifts, At BACH A ABEL'S. SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, Matchless 50c, 75c and $1 Lines, At BACH A ABEL'S. nnC Have jou seen the JJO Extraordinary Scarlet Underwear, At BACH A ABEL'S. ([0.75 A Great Line of Gents' Ju Silk Umbrellas worth 30X more, At BACH A ABEL'S. jjIRYFAIRY"FANS, j Glorious for New Year's Gifts, ¦ At BACH A ABEL'S. WATERED SILKS, Matchless $1.25, $1.50, $2 lines, At BACH A ABEL'S. (Mc.00 Have jou seen those J) J Extraord'y Astrachan Sacks, At BACH A ABEL'S. ÚJq.50 A great line of black silk i J)J Fichúes worth 40 per et. more At BACH A ABEL'S. I RUCHINGS, . Matchless 35c and 50c Lines At BACH A ABEL'S. KID GLOVES, Glorious for New Yeir's Gifts, I At BACH A ABEL'S. (H.50 Have jou seen those I M Extraordinary Marseilles Quilts? At BACH A ABEL'S. (f 4.00 A Great Line of Ladies' M Jackcls worth 50 per et. more, I _ At BACH A ABEL'S. DRESS GOODS, Matchless 50c and 75c Lines, At BACH A ABEL'S. POCKET BOOKS and Hand Bags, r Glorious for New Year's Gifts. At BACH A ABEL'S. (Mq.OO Have jou seen those J J Extraordinary Wraps ? I V At BACH A ABEL'S. úhn.00 A Great Line of Lace . i Jr ('urtains worth 20 per et. more, At BACH A ABEJL'S. IIOW TIIEY Blif.VJIK HAPPY. JONATHAN. Wcll, wlfe I am dlscouragcd now And ad as I can be. I've beeu to town to day you know To see what I could see. U's gotUng uear to Chrlstmas, wlfe And we bad ougbt to buy Sorae presenta for the llttle ones To fill thelr hearU wlth Joy. I went tonearly every store Tliat I oould flnd In town, Jint not a single place I uw Where the prlces were markcd down And as the times are hard, my dcar, ' Anil preseuts are so high, Wi 'II have to walt another year Our presenta then to buy. MATILDA. Why ! Jonathan, my husband dcar Pray do not be so sad, Dld you go to Goodyear's Drug Store And nee the stock he had? Hls stock, I've heard the peoplesny Is the flnost In tho town, And, i've heard all tho uelghbors soy Hls prlces are clear down, And if you want a souvenir, ür toilet set In style, Or paper knlfe, or pocket bor.k Why, he wlll n.ake you sumé. So do not be dlsheartened, dear,' Nor leel blue any more, Untll you've made a llttle trip Upto Uoodyear's Drug Store. JOHNATUAN. Well, if you think U's worth our tlrao, I'll hitch up our old mare. And we wlll go at once, dear wlfe, To see tho bargalns there ; For I iini.-i teil the truth, my dear, I feit so very blue, Thai I ueglectod golng there Hls mainmoth stock to view. MATILDA. Well, husband dear, I'll hurry up And wash the dlnner dlxhes, And we wlll go at once, and soa If we can't have our wishes. We'U purchase what we want, of course, For peoplo say that he has got A large stock of hls kind. LATKIi- IIOTH. Wcll hore we are at home agaln; We are as happy as oan be. We had ajolly llttle ride Goodyear's Drug Store to sec We found such lots of presents, Of every shapoand kind The flnest bit of brlc-a brae, And all thlngs to pleaso your min J. We bought a lot of presents, You'bel we found the bargalns At Qoodyear's Palace Drug Store, FOR A SUITABLE CHHISTMAS FRESENT! Purchaae a faney $1 OR $2 BOX OF TUE FINEST NEW YORK CREAMS AT HANGSTERFER'S Our Stock of toys, dolls, games, etc. wlll be closcd out rcgardless of oost.. 27 SOUTH MAIN ST. PÜOPO8AL8 FOR WÜOD Sealed propoaals for 100 cords of wood four eet long, young green, body or straight nlckiry, hard maple and MOOBd frrowtb whito or rilciw iipliind ouk, In iuanlltlt of not less lian ten oord, and -J0 coriU ol hass wood rood liiallty wlll be rcrulved by tbe undc-rslgiird intll the Oth of Janimry, isss, Inclusive up to p. in. The woihI lo bc dollvered In the next blrtydayi Ofter nwanllun tht;cntraot, at liedlfltireut school houses, lu such quantllcs hm dlrected. The rlght to rojoct any and all offers Is ewrvad, L. Qrukkk, Treasurer, No. ö South Main etreot.


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