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ppwwcS CREAM 4KlKg hlWDEfl lts superior pn oei 1 11 nci1 prOTCn Ín inillions of hornos for more iimu aquarterofa century. It MiMilln tlie rulled. Sialesgovernnient. Kndoraed by the hond of the Ore! Unlveraltles aa theStrongest, Purest, anti most Healtliiul. Dr. Vrice's tlieonly Ilaking Powder tlmt aoei not conlaln Amiuuiiiii, Lime or Alnin. s..:,l ouly in eans. PHICE BAKIXO POWDKR CO., ¦IV YOBK. CHIOAOOi ST. I.OÜIS. THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ Struthsforthesick. llBllinllo-liflKdfpeiid for : nr wlifrc MI. III lonsí i.imi;i;iiii PHUB BITTEKS Hlll Illt wlll cure you. notawtgtorcurc. ltJ 1 ¦ you Miller witli if IthatUredandallgont? Cleansethe rittntrd reellng; f bo, aie i,)ou,i wben yon 1-l Sulprüb Brrrns; ,ta Impm-ttlee iurt III it wlll cure you. ngthrougfa the k" .lirtSSiS'S S $5 ? tl,n „,U1 n w,,rk 3DUW7B IlIlTKHS.M tiie mili aun , i iík „.ni f .1 E IBhopi; flerks.wliodo :"1(1 Uealtl1 '" ío1 IM not procure suffldenl - III exerelsc, and all who gULPHUB iiimusl I MreconftnedlndoOT, wU, (.,,r0 i.ivcrCoin 1 1 ahoul.l useSULPRDB ,.,„„. ,,,,„-, ,„. ,8 I I BmjRS. 'íhevwil uragedjltwUloureB pjnot (licubentakanil v,,u ' m aJsirkly rJ BtoIsuuví1f1'o,n' uLèun!' "¦'"'' 'V "''H I latism. use a botUe oi fj1 roub-andl I ¦ SDLPHCS Bimn; hralthy. III Illlt liever falNtocum. fl.l'lllK HlTl i;k.-IJ Sñ l'on'i : n will mnke yourbloodpj íáboitle. Trv 1!; yon pure. rioh and Mronr.U Ijl wtll not regrel it.' :unl your llesli lianl. III III 1 ;nhr. in ileli. ate Ti y SI lÍmÍTkTíÍTIII lllbenUli, who are all n-nidn. '""'I I rinnlown, shoultl lle jroo will Bl6ep welllll Do you want the best Mediaal Work vubllsbed? Sen.l '.' cení Mamps to A. P. Ordway & Co, Boston, Mass., and recclve a copy, free. AT FREQUENT DATES EACH MONTH ilflHtffffWlrRGM CHICAGO1 fV CHOICEOF """""'''"il f v routes; via PiiicnoNIADENVER' UAUrUnllCDUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA, STJOSEPH,ATCHISON or KAN SAS CITY. For dates, rates, tickets or further Information apply to Ticket Agents of connecting Unes, t or address Pau L M orton , Gen. Pass. 4Tkt. AgtCkicago, III. AU Druggit. 2'.o., red only bj I)r. Setll Arnold, Meü. Corp., Wooniockel, K. I. ARBUCKLES' name on a paokage of COFFEE is a guarantee oí excellenceARIOSA COFFEE is kept in all flrst-class stores from the Atlantic to the Paoifto. COFFEE ls never good -when exposed to the air. Always buy thls brand inhermetically 'sealed ONE POUND FACKAGE3. Tutt'sPílls FOR TORPID LIVER. A torpid Hvcr derange I lie wholc sy sí tni, and produces Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheumatism, Sallow Skin and Piles. Títere ls no better remetí y fortheae rommon diNcasc tlian 'Itiïï's i.iwr !'il Ín, us u t riu 1 h i 1 1 prove. I'r ice, 25c. Sold Everywhere. 1 ; f ' Tliis is the Top of the Genuine PearlTop Lamp Chimney. Allothers, similar are imitation. TTJvThis exact Label JjRj gtfV is on cach Pearl FjÈ t TopChimney. EySIB yf A dealer may say VbImÍ Pt and think he has QNS Sy others as good, J L BUT HE HAS N0TInsistuponthe Exact Label and Top. Fo Sale Evebywhere. Made ohly by 6E0. A. MACBETH & CO., Pittsburgh, Pa. lUnNIIMIHH li!s revolutlODized the world TH WPHtTiIH ''uring the last half century. til VUll llUll Not least iiidodk thewoDders ¦" ' ' " of Inventivo progres ls a raethod and systein of work tlmt can be performed all over the country without separatlng the workers from thelr homes. Pay liberal; any one eau do the work; elther eex, yoiuig or oíd; no special ablllty requlred. Capital not needeil ; you are starled free. Cut thlB out and return to us and we wlll send you free, Boraethlng of great value and lmportance to ynu, tlmt wlll start you In business, whlch wlll brlng you In more raoney rlght Hway thHii uuylhini; els In the world. Qnjmd outfit ree. Address True & Co„ Augusta, Malne. ¦ ¦¦BIn Itowarded are tliose read ÜTnUT Vthls mid tlieu act; they wlll flnd UiÜUÜ i ii. .;i.-ir einployment that wlll nut tnke them from their homes and familie. The proflts are large und ior for evfry Industrious person, inany have made and are now maklng lereral hundred dollar a montli. Jt ls easy for any one to nirtke 85 and upwards por day, wlio ls wllllng to work. Elther sex, young or oíd; capital not needed; we start you. Ëverythlng new No special ublllty requlred, you, reader, can do It as well us any one. Vrlte to ns at once , fr full particular, whlch we mail free. Ad¦ ¦ ahsa silnson & 0o„ rortland, Malne.


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