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IN the Scnato numerous petitlons irom variOU8 State wero presented on the 'JOth In favor ofBlair' Educational bilí, and also a peution from th oltlzen of Pennsylvnnla protostlng agalnst the admlssion of Utah as a State. BUls wore introduced to place the name of Mrs. John A. Logan on the ponsion roll at the rate of fc,000 ayear; to qnlet the tltle of lettlers on the Des Molnes rlvcr lands ; provlding th&t retail liquor dealers arul cigar manufacturera and dealers who carry on thetr business without haring pald a special tax thercfor hall be liable to a fine of 1500 or lmprisonment In a county jail for one year. Several pension bilis were also introduced. The followlng nominatlons were conftrmed : Charles S. Falrchild. of New York, to be Secretary of the Treasury; Oeorge L. Rlves, of New York, Asslstan Secrotary of State; Isaac H. Maynard, of New York, Assistant Secretary of tha Treasury; James V. Hyatt, of Connocticut, United States Treasurer....In the House no business was transacted. In the Senate ontho 21st a bilí was pastad providing for the appolntment of a fish commlssloner at a salary of 16,000. A resolution was adopted provlding for a form of crodentlals of the election of United States Senators. A bilí was introduced to authoriz the States of Ohlo, Indiana and Illinois to sue the United States in the Suprema Cojrt for any moneys clalmed to be due Ihom on account of the sales of publie lands. A long discussion ensued on Mr. Alllson's resolution to adjourn over the holidtiys, but the motion wasflnally oarrled.... In the House Mr. Kandall submitted a partlal report from the Committee on Rules, recommending the establishment of a luimber of new commlttces. A IBI was passed in the Senate on the 22d to establish two addltlonal lund offices in Colorado. Bills were introduced to provide for the payment of claims for damages aggregatlng 114,000,000 by Indlan depredations and to provide for the compulsory education of Indian children. A memorial was preontod from the Oregon Lcglslature asking that the Importation or immigration of Chinóse and other Asiatlo laborera be prohlbited and that measures be adopted to rid the country of those already here. A message from the House announced the death of Representativo Moffatt, of Michigan. Messrs. Butler, Morgan, Dawes, Cameron and Teller were appolnted a committee to Investígate the conditlon of the flvs clvilizcd tribes of Indians. Adjourned to January 4 In the House, aftcr the offerlng of several resolutions, Mr. Burrows, of Michigan, announced tbe death of Representativo Moffut, of Mirhipan, and an mljoiirnnicnt was onlcred till .lanuary 4. DOMESTIC. It wan anuounced on the 20th that fourteen officers acting under the United States Marshal for the Western district of ArkanBas had been killed by desperadoes in Indlaii Territory during the last two yearB, and lawlussness was said to be on the increasa A blizzard prevaüed on the 20th in portions of Dakota, Minnesota, lowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado. The snow was unusually heavy, and was dríven by a flerce wind, blockadlng rallway traina The thermometer was 21 degroes below zero at soine points. The wall of a new building at .Toilet, HL, feil on the -Oth, killinq; two men and injuring several others, two of them futally. Advices of the 20th from some of the counties in Western Kansas, particularly Clark, were to the effect that the farmers were suffering for the want of food, coal and clotulng. Six persons were known to have died from freezing. Ei.uiu Cir.Eim, a notorious horse-thlef, was found dead in tbe mountains of West Virginia on the 20th wit li a bullet-hole in hm breast The man was over eighty years old, and he had been known as a desperate criminal for iifty years. Thb employés in the passenger and ticket departments of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie railroad were suspended on the 20th pending an investigatlon of their accounts by the auditor and his clerka Crooked work was snspocted. It was stated on the 20th that owing to the closing of the South Carolina phosphate mines many negroes were starvlng. The town of Weeping Water. Neb., was almost destroyed by flre on the 20th. H. D. I.ymax, of the American Surety Company of New York, stated on the 20th that in the past year there had been liftythree embezzlement in the country, amountlng to $3,840,570, aud that the crimináis were all in Canada. WnJJAH Bhoweks, who brutally slew his two little grandsons at Lebanon, Pa., last September, was on the 20th found gullty of ïnurder in the flrtt degree. The steamer Mirana, en route from Joggins, N. S., for New York with an enormous raft composed of twenty-seven thousand loga, lost her tow during a heayy storm, and It wus feared on the 20th that it wonld get into the track of the European steamérs. An explosión of gas on the 21st in the Nottinghain mine at Plymouth, Pa., killed tour men. The steamer Zamana, which arrived at New York on the 21st from Cape Hayti. reported that in a storm off the West Indies seventy vessels were wrecked and twentyone sailors were drowned. A sew town is being established near Trnssville, Ala., by Eastern capitalista interested in the lron business. Additional furnaces will ba built, and heavy investments be made in property. The business portion of the town of 01well, Ind., was destroyed by flre on the 21st E. L. Packeb. one of the largest lumber dealers of Pittsburgh, Pa, falled on the Slat A dispute over politics In a saloon at Opelousaa, La., on the 2lst ended in the fatal shooting of three men. The collections of interna! revenue for the first flve months of the present fiscal year amounted to $51,8tiO,549, belng an increase of $3,854,742 as compared with the correspondlng period of last year. Commodore Qhebardi, in command of the New York navy yard, was on the 2 lst inBtructed to send a vessel after the enormous raft supposed to be adrift in the path of ocean steamers. Ik a match game of three-ball billiards at Boston on the 2 lst Harvey McKenna, of Detroit, made a run of 2,497, beating the world's record. In portions of Colorado on the 21st the thermometer registered from 20 to 51 degrees below zero, the latter record being at Kobinson, where the cold was so intense that the people feared to venture from their house s. The escape of naphtha into sewers at Rochester, N. Y., on the 2 lst caused explosiona in several streets, blowing up the manholes and creating great consternation. The flamen accompanying the explosión burned three milis, and tour men were killed by falling walls. A fiee at Pittsburgh, Pa., on the 2 lst destroyed the dry-goods establishment of Fleishman 4 Co. and the toy-store of Yeager 4 Ca, causing a loss of $200,000. TunEE traln-men were f atally injured on the 2 lst by a collision on the St Paul road at Jackson Junction, Ia. The Pacific Coast Steamship Company's Steamer San Yincente was burned to the watei's edge off Plgeon point on the 21st, and out of the crew of nineteen oölcers and men eleven were lost. Hube, WArra & Co., dry-goods dRalers at Brooklyn, N. Y., failed on the 21st foi 175,OO0l It was oaid on the 21st tlnit Standard 011 ('ompnny was preparing to construct au immense pipe lino to Chicago for the tram portatlon of oil for fuel, and would builii o thousand tanks at Lima, O., for the storage of the product of the Northwaatan Ohio field. It was announced on the 22d th:it gold and sllvor in large quantlties had been found on tho Hiawasser rivorln North Carolina. 8ix thousand acres had been explored. Thk year's product of flourat Mlnneapolls was on the 2'-' I reportad at (,(110,700 barrels. Mrs. Maria Buhtox, of San Diego, Cal. , on the 33d won ter suit for property in lower California valued at $1,000,000. Two ladies wero fatally injured on the 22d by a collision on the Óhio & Northwestern railroad near ('incinnati. ïwo men wero killed on the 22d in a riot at Glenmary, Tenn., which had lts origln in a quarre! between white and colored workmen. Owino to excessive coiu])etition, the Montank Flre Insurance Company of Brooklyn, N. Y., on the 22d dcclded to discontinue business. Unusually cold weathcr prevailed on the 22d in the i ittle belt of Texas, and losses ainong the herds were feared. It was estimated on the 22d that as mauv as eixty persons pariabed trom hunger and oold during the prevalenoe of the recent blizzard In Kansas. Thomas Barry, of the executive board of the Knights of Labor, roported on the 22d that thore was a very strong feeling against the ozyanll lUon n tbe South, where he had been vislting. James Lundy, his wife and three children, of Lima, O., wcre fatally injurea on the 22d in a natural gas explosión which wrecked their dwelling. The jury at Chicago in the SL John-DellFreer conspiracy case, the charge bcing that oí aldlng Warden McGarlgle to escape, returned a verdict of not guilty on the 22d as to all the defendants, in accordance with the lustructions of the courfc. The Ooverninent recctpts for TWpmlwi upto the 22d amounted to 921,607,838, being In exoeaa of 912,927,137 over the diBbursenients for the same period. Thk wife and etght-year-old daughter of Ed McElroy, a pilot ou the Yazoo river steauier Helen Meade, were bnnied to deatb on the 22d in thelr residenco at Vicksburg, Miss. Farmer John Goff, of Hodgkins, O., who was en route fot hin oíd home in Vermont, was robbed in Boston on the 22d of a pocket-book containing $2, 100. David HXLDBBBBAHD and his son Fred were struok by a Wabash train on the 22d while Crossing the track naai Delphi, Ind. , and wens killed. BBUU1ÁBI Faircbild sent instructions on the 22d to tlie Collector of Customs at New York to use vigilance in preventing the landing of Belgian miners, said to be en route to take the places of Lehlgh (Pa) valley etrikers. Ed Johxson, a colored man, living ncar Cincinnatl, placed some dynamite cartridges in the oven of his stove on the 22d to thaw them out An explosión followed, killing his two children and soriously injuring Johnson anil hin wite. The vllage of Montevideo, Mlun"vas almost wiped out by tire on the 22d. Ovek one thousand men employed by the Philadelphia - Keading Hailroad Company on their Unes running from West Falls to the I'ort Hichmoiul coal wharves struck on the 23d becuuse the oompany had employed several non-union men. Geobge Williams (colored) was hanged on the 2Sd at Birmtngham, Ala, for the murder of Cash Moseley (colored). Thi South Carolina Legislatnre on the 23d passed a law making it a misdemeanor for tradesmen to faciiitate the sale of goods by offoring purchaHers an inducement to buy in tho way of prizes or gifts. Owing to a water famine and ths shortage in the corn erop the farmers in the vicinity of Clinton, IIL, were on the 23d disposing of their stock as rapidly as possible at remarkably low ngurea I'he Western Pennsylvania 4 New York railroad shops at Od City, Pa., were burued on the 2.'td, and seven iocomotives were partly destroyed. Loss, $100,000. The receipts of Britlsa lron and steel into the United States for the eleven montbs ended November :0 aggregatcd 1,211,000 tons, agalnsi 7'_T,000 tons in a like period of 188(1. Oveb $"_'(, 000 was found secreted in the bed of it dead iniser by a deputy coroner at Minneapolis on the 23d. Dun's New York agency reported on the 23d that business throughout the country was active for the seagon, with a good supply of currency. The industrial outlook was not assuring, however, and uncertjinty and hesitution affected some branches of production. CBWABO Beebe, eirhteen years old, living near Shelbyvllle, Ind., committed suicido on the 2.'id beeause of trouble with hls sweetheart Thk General Land Office at Washington issued 5, 17!i patnnts during Dacember, which is a large lncrease over the record for December of last year. Dubing the eleven months ended November ;iO immigration to the United States from England and Wales was 79,207; from Irelaud, 71,O:5; Scotland, 20,850; Oermany, lOü.rxiS; Sweden and Norway, 07,Ü04; Denmark. 9,008, and Italy 42,387. These figures are hirgely in excess of those tor the corresiionding eleven months of 1880. A passenoer train on the Minnesota & Northwestern railroad was deraüed on the 23d near Leaf River, 111., and thrown down an embanktnent, and about forty persons were Injured The total vnlne of the importa of merchandise into this country dnring the present year is placed at $712 !tW,!18. and the exports amounted to $727, 100, 035. Owino to dissatisf act ion among the Knights of Labor in Detroit tifteen local asseniblies on the 23d detaohed themselves from district assembly Nik BO and would form trade organlzations. Bt the explosión of a lamp on the 23d in a residence at Brookfield, Pa., three little children received fatal injuries. Natural gas in large quantitles forced its way from the lakc along the water pipes into the Cooke Brewing Company's works in Chicago on the 23d, and it was believed a large supply of natural gas had been dlscovered. A BHOKEN rail wrecked a Wisconsin Central passengeritrain near Fifleld, Wis., on the 23d, and one man was killed and twenty others were wounded, some of them seriously. Thk story told in Boston on the 23d of the two survivors of the Alf red Watts showB that they drifted thirty-two days, without a sail in sight, on the water-logged huik. Twenty-six men were lost. A farmkr'h wife living near Newman, HL, got into a quarrel on tho 23d witü her servant-girl, which culminated in a tlght in which both women were fatally stabbed. DuRiNU the sixty days ended on the 23d there were two thousand cases of typhoid fever in Pittsburgh, Pa , caused by impure drinking water, and the epideinic was 1 creasing. DANrei. Fui-ton, of Cornnna, Mioh., fonnd pullty of mutderlng hls wife, was on the 23(1 tenteneed to spend hls life In prlson in Holltarr oonflnement DtmiNd the i ve i it ïys enileJ on the ''.UI thero were 261 minincs fallare In the United State , lffktnt SÍB3 Uu provimi seven davs. Am eorili([i a ce shock was feltat New Benford, Miss., ;arly ou the inorning of thu ¦S.M. Frank CL Nkai it, wlio robbed the Saco (Me.) Dunk ot ïjTO.OOO, was on the 23d urrosted at Halifax, N. S Majob .1. M. Wbiuiit, of Louisvüle, Ky., was on the 2Sd appointed Murshal of the United States Snpreme Court in place ot Colonel J. G. fslcolay, resigued. Thb fund for tho Henry Ward Beeoher memorial statuo ainouuted to $3 1,000 on the 234, Soulptor Ward would le given the contract at once. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. The Virginia Legislatura on the 20th electcd John H Barbour United .States Senator to succeed Mr. Riddleberger. Otkb flve hundred representativa Indiana Republicana met In conference at Indianapolls on the 'JOtu and adoptad resolutlons favoring a protective tarlff, pensions, and the expenditure of the surplus on fortk Major W. W. Van Antwerp, postmaster at Jackson, Mlch., dioil at his reuidence in that city on the 21st IjAURA Bridgeman, world-famous for her accompllshments, although blind and wlth every otlier sense oxcept thst of touch impaired, colebrated on the 21st the Hftieth annlversary of her entranoo into the Massachusetts Asylum for the blind at Boston. Hon. Seth C. Moffatt, Congressman from the Elevonth Michigan district, dled in Washington on the 22d, aged forty-six years. Mr.s. Maodaijne Boogs, the oldest reident of Indiana, celebrated her one hundred and fourth birthday on the 22d at her home n Milton, Wayne County. FOREIGN. Tki.uurams of the 20th from Senegal announce that Miiliinoud Lamine, the chief opponent of French intluonce in the Houduii, had been killed in an encounter with French troop Dan Dohebtt, the American who shot and killed hls fellow-countrymau, George Graham, in Londen, was convlcted of manslaughter on the 2üth and sentenced to penal Rervitude for life. The steamer Great Eastern wa sokl In London on the 21st to a metal ftnn for $80,L00. The vessel would be broken up for oíd metal. The Canadian Department of Agricultura on the 21st made a complaint to the Commissloner's oftlce In London, Eng., conoerning the miiny pauper immlgrants sent to Canada. It was reported on the 22d that the Mexlcan Government would lay a tax on ores designed for import. In order to protect the reducing-works in the country. It was announced on the 23d that the Mextoan Government had granted privileges to an immgration company in order to bring íettlers luto various dlatricta Tho company had obtained flfty-flve milllon acres of land. The explosión of dyuamite on the 23d in a limestone quarry uear Brookfleld, N. &, killed fonr men and injured two other persons. Five thousand person marched in procession to the shrine of the Virgin at AlxLa-Chapelle on the 23d and offered prayer for the recovery of tho Crown Prinoe of Germany. The Toronto (Ont) branchof the National League issued a circular on the 23d calling on every Irish Cathollc to oppose at thd polls those school trustees whe marched In the Queen's jubilee procession last June. Advicbs of the 23d from Bavlspe, Mex. , say that the people in the earthquakestrlcken district were sufTering terriblT from cold and hungor. A man name 1 MacNamara was on the 23d genteneed at Dublin to two months' lmprisonment, with hard labor, for selllng oopies of Utiited Ireland. Dispatchb.8 of th 23d reported heavy rains and floods in Italy, and much damaga had been done. LATER NEWS. Over one thoneand men employed by the Philadelphia A Beadlng Railroad Company on thelr Unes running from West Falls to the Port Richmond coal wharves struck on the 23d because the company had employed eeveral non-unlon men. Gsorge Williams (oolored) was hanged on the 23d nt Birmingham, Ala., for the inurder of Cnsh Moseley (colored). The recclpts of British iron and steel Into the United States for the eleven months ended November 30 aggregated 1,211,000 tons, againat 726,t00 tons in a llke perlod of 188G. Dukino the seven dnys ended on the 23d there were 2i!l business f allures in tha United States, against 253 the prevlous seven days. A passenger train on the Minnesota & Northwestern railroad was derailed on the 23dnear Leaf River, HL, and thrown down an embankment, and about forty persous were injured, By the explosión of a lamp on the 23d In aresidenceat Brookfleld, Pa., three llttle chlldren recelved tatal injorlea Aduces of the 2:id from Bavispe, Met, say that the people in the earthquakeBtricken district were Bufferlng terribly from cold and hunger. A bhoken rail wrecked a Wlsconsin Central passengeritraln near Fifleld, Wis. , on the 23d, and one man was killed and twenty others were wounded, some of them seriously. Dispatches of the 23d reported heavy rains and floods in Italy, and much damage had been done. The story told in Boston on the 23d of the twosurvivors of the Alfred Watto shows that they drifted thirty-two days, without a sail in stght, on the water-logged huik. Twenty-six men wero loat A farmeü's wife living near Newman, 111, Rot into a quarrel on the 23d with her servant-girl, which culmlnated in a flght in which both women were fatiüly stabbed. Fbank C. Neai.ey, who robbed the Saco (Me.) Bank ot $270.000, was on the 23d arrested at Halifax, K 8. Duhini! the sixty days ended on the 23d there were two thousand cases of typhold f e ver in Pittsburgh, Pa, cansed by Impuro drinking wator, and the epidemie was increaaing. Daniel Fulton, of Cortinna, Mich., found guilty of niurdering hls wife, was on the 23:1 senteneed to spend lus life in prlson in Bolltary continement Thk fund for the Henry Ward Beecher memorial statno amounted to 531,000 on the BSd Scul]itor Wurd would be given the contract at once. The explosión of dyuamite on the 23d in a limestoue quurry near Brooktleld, N. 8., killed four men and iujured two othcr persons. Dun's New York ngency reported on the 23d that business throughout the country was active for thu neaxon, with a good supply of currency. The industrial outlook was not assuring, however, and unoertainty and heaitation affectcd pome brancbes of production.


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