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The Langwt Word in tlie Dicliouury Is incompetent to rnmimimcute the inexpressible satisfaction and inconipiehensible conseqnences resultini; trom a Jodlcious administraron nf Dr. Plerpe'i Favorite Prescription, : preparntion desijined eepeclally for the relief and permanent cure of all Kem.ile Weakmmm, NervouDMi and dlaenwi peculiar to lbo lómale sex. Tlie only remedy for Wonwn'l peculiar Hls, 8old by drug ííists, luider H positiva jsuarantee, to iive satiefaction. See guarautee 00 wmpper of bottle. This pnnraniee lias heen faithfully CRrried out lor man; y ent by rlie proprfetors. The Michigan Central wlll on Ic. 24, 85,36, imd 81, Jan. 1 and 2, wil tickets fioin Ann Arbor to all stations on thi.line, :i)so to all points in Canuda west of and toeludlng Toronto, and return, at tlie rate of one farc, gooi jioinit on the ditte of ula and returning on the M of JanliaJTi on account of holiiiiiys. hv COAI VM) COKE. Atiother Splendid Christnias and (lew lam' Animal for IMS. Tlie Latest and Best of tlie K ick Iland Serie-i. 'riii'iisiimU who han prued witli delijrhtcd interest tlie pages of ' Watt Stei-dims, the Genius of Steam n (188ri), " Voltaüal, tlie Genius nf Elcctrieity " (1886), and "Petroleum and Natural ;:is" (1887), wlll ba plensed h kmnv Hint the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacl'ic Rallway will is?-u' anotlicr in;iniliccnt souvrnir for tlie Cliristina-i and New Vi-ar tewaon of 188S, whk-li RQrpaasca in mans respicts anytliinff of kind heretofore published. "Coalmid Coke'' ie the tille of the vvorl;, and the tobject has been x haustively troated ít is writtt-n in u captivating colloqulal style, embodyinjf a vast amount of Information in regard to coal strit.i; relattra poeitlon n the e.irlh"s prutt ; wheit deposito occur, - Uieir nature and extent ; the dillVitut processes of underíiounl mlninfi; how coal is conveited iiito coke, and ome of its varied and multiple uses. The book is profuely llliiítrnted from original sketches. Althouli the ejt ense has been very, Ihe K"Ck Island haf Concludt-d to fupply " Cual and Coki-" at the nominal rate "f ti-n cents (for postafre) per Copy. Endose your addres pial n ly wrltten (:i!m ten cents in lUiupr) to E. A. Holbrook, general ticket and passenger ajrent at Chicago, III., and a copy of -'C"al and Coke," will lie malled to you, prepaid, to any part of the world. BTJY THE DETROIT EVENING NEWS. 10c A WEEK. Ddivcred at Your Home or 'ace of Business, or Sent tff Mail. It is Universally Conceded to be THE Newspaper of Michigan, Covrrlngall the news of the day wortli knowlngorwortli reartlngi In meb 'lciir and conclse marnier us maken lt pOMlble tof the buxlness man to keep proinptly posted without iuterference wtth Ib6 dutles of hts busl im'ks hmirs; the diknirmaii to kerp nbreaHt of the tlmt's without inaklng liis newspaju-r readtng laborlous- In hot, matting lt railn-r a recreatlon and a pleaaurable halfhouror more after Bupper; umi furnliihlng such olher and inti-reHiiiii; readlug matter, Includlng storleo, as ulvis to the tlred house-wlfe an opportunlty toenjoy herself whlle snatchlDg physlcal rests ol greater or lesg duration throughout the day. Besldes thls, lt wlll ever be found the frlend of the people, ndvocatlDg tlie greatest benefit to the greatent number; expoxlng rottenuess in the Interest of the general welfare; advooatlng all reforms that wlll lnure to the public weal, and generally e.ierclslng such a watchful Niipervlslon ah shall make lis patrons feel thut lts vlsltsare thoao of a gemilnc frlind, apparent to them the lougerthey continue lts acqualntance. Mothlni; shall he permltted to enter lts col. umns that eau offend retlued senseor makelt other than a paper that paterfamlltas may feel free to lntroluce to every member of hls famlly capable of readlng, wlth theasourance that nothhiu baleful shall result. Tuk KvKNlNf) NlWë Is bouud to keep at the head of the newspaper procession In Michigan and "dont you foreet lt!1' The Evenino News, by Mali, $5 per year, THE SUÑDAY NEWS, Isflued every Sunday mornlng. Is an 8-page paper, wlth as rtuea'Mayout" of Intereatlnc reaülng matter os can be crowded lnto 66 columus, Includlng Ihecurrent news, special anieles, nctlon, etc. Prloe Í1.50 per year. thëTecho, 8 pages, 56 columns, $1 a year, Kuch Issue replete wllh storleg by wel] known wrlters, sketcheB from llfe, and botli Instructivo and mlrihlul mlBcellany for the mwwi. The Michigan edltlon contalns the cream of the newa of the Ntatc, au epitome of the general nvws of the week and the latent mark et reportx. Book premiums worth the cost of the paper glven tosueh subscrlber. Send for ampie copy. Address THE ECHO, Detroit, Micli . Liberal Terina to Agents.


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