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The Great Through Car Line

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f f f JÉ Ew H Hl ¦ ¦ Eh A fJ9 MM S'!' FUOM THE I [CJ7SlNKATUAMi LTON a DAYTDN R.R.j] TO -iFIvORIDA!Runnlnc THRQÜCH CARS from L'oirolt and Toledo to Clncinnatl, Chicago to C'nclnnat!, Crand Rnpids arstí Ft. Wayne io Clnclnnatl, Indianapoiia to CSncinnat!, Cecll and Van Wert to Clnelrnatl, Makln;: Eiroct ConnectionB at Cinoinnati with the Q,uoon & Croscent Eouto (C. K. O. % T. P. K'y) and the Louiavillo & Nachville R. R. running1 Th'ouph Carn to all Princip:l Citif.s In the Souih. T) tlic C. H. & D. R. K. run Throurt Trins bttwecn CINCINNATI and rvüiVI t,l iltLlll ST. LOUIS; and also Throwgh RecUnln Cl air C.irs D;iily finun CIX CINNATI to DECATOR and SPHIXGiaELD.II-I-, and KEOKUK.IOWA. Parlor Chair Cars on Day & Slespers on NightTrains "Year Round" fAsk f of Tickets via C. H. & D. R. R"_ Fur I uil I ,, '1 u I.i-t8, S'.ceping Car Spacc, etc., inquiro of or adilri-s D. H. TI! ACT, Northern l'ossinpriT Atrent öl Ji-fti-rson Arenuc. Detroit, Mlch. JOH.N ÜASTAltl.i;, District PawieiiKer Aii.nt 5 BHiIro Siri-ct, Tolorto, O. W. II. WII1TTLFSKY, Ontral ra:ienircr'Airent .... 14 Vivnt Th'.r.l Ktroot, I)ytii, 0. W. I!. FIKHKK, (.. ..ral Ai.-.nt 'r. llllnol Kt. ud Kentui-kY Aro.. liidianapullH, lnl. J.F. McCAUTHÏ. Ticket Aitriit 5th n.l Vino Str.'.t, ( Incinnntl. Aliio (iE.NKKAL i'ASSK.VtiKK A0KT'S OFKH'K 800 Went Founh Strfi-t. ('Iprlnmtl. C. C. WAITK, CHAS. H. ROCKWELL, Vlcu-Pres't anJ G.-n'l Manager. Gen'l Pass'r an.l 1 Idwt Agent.


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