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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thispowdernever varíes. A marvel of pnrity, slreriüth and wholesomeness. More ecoDOmloal than the ordluary kinds, and canuot be solil In competltlon wllh the rnultitude of low test, short welglit, ülntn or pliosplmte powders. Sold only ia cnns. Ito) al Ituk Ing Powdcr 'o . 100 Wall st.. N. Y. SCRATCHED28YEARS A Scaty, ItohlBf, Skin Dïsoase, wlih Endless Suffering Curcd liy Cuticura Remedies. If r ïiad knnwo of the Cuticura Remedies Iwenty-efght yea-s pi; ltwoald have paved me $2M 00 (iwo hundred öolliin) and an ImmftDM amount oi ¦affèrlnff, My disease (Psoriasis comimnced n in v he:id in asimt not larger than a cent lt nprtad rapidly all over rav body and ffot under my ïmils. The pcal 8 wonld drop oil" m ; all the lini.v and m? enflerii i; Wát inlli's, aud without relief. One thouanü doll rs would nol tempt me ti have thls dl8ea?e over agiiin. I tm a poor m ui, but I feel rlch to be relieved of what eome ol tne doctors said w i leprosy, BOJDQ ringworm, MOrlasie, etc. I took . . . and . . . Sarsaparillapover one year and a half, but no cure. I w ent to two or 'hree-doctors and no cure. I cannot praiee the Cuticuka liKMhDiKs too lunch. Tht'y nave mude my pkin as cloar atid free trom acales ne a baby's. All I iwed of them wil three boxea of Cutktra, and three bottlt of CtmoUB Rbsoltxkt, and i wo cakes of Cuticuka BoaJP. If yen had been here and said you would havo cnred me for #2JU.(M) you would have had Üm iniuify. r lonkt tl line the plctare in your book rf (picture nuinhcr iwo, 'Howto C'urc Skin Dteeaseak tut now l am as c!ear any peFBOn ever w b. Tlirough (orce o' habit I rub mv tiands over my aims and itgi to ëcratch once io a while, but to no pnrpose. 1 am all wril. I ocratched twenty-dirit jwn, and it gM to be a kind of secnnd nature to nu. I thank you a tbounttd HnM. Anythini: mire that you w uit n know uri e in ', or miy Oflfl wbo reade thU m ly write to in I anti i ut nu li. DBNNI8 HOWNING. W'atkkbury, Vt., Jau.20Ui, Iö87. Ptorla.l, Fczonvi, TVlter. Rinü-worm, T-ichen, ('ruritiir', Scald Uead, Milk CVust, Dündrutl', Barbere1 llak(¦' Qrocere1 and Wa-iherwoman' Itch and everv 8pccles of itchin, Burniiii;, Scaly, Pimply Homon Of the Skin aml Scalp ind Blood, with Losa of rtair are po-iMvely curcd bv itcura the irretit Skin Cure, and C'cticura Soap. an exquisieSkin He.intifltT externally.and CutiuUra Ke-olvent, the new Hlood Purifier internully, wlit-n pbysiciau aud all olher remedies fail. Sold everywhere. Prico: CüTtOÜBA, 50 c; Soai ftc; Kksoi.vknt, II, Prtpand by the Pottkk Druo & i'iikmuu. (.,'., Botton, Mag. &Fm8cmi for "Ilow to Care Skin Dhcuses," 61 pflgeB, 50 lllustratioiirJ, and 100 testimoniáis. plIUIPLES, black-headei, chaped and olly pkin I IVI prtiveoted by Cuticura Mkdicated Soat. Catarrhal Dangers. To be freed frotn the dansers ol' euffocatlon whlle lyln? down ; to breathe freely, e'eep soandly and undisturbed; to risc refroshed, head ciear, bruin active and free frora pain or actie ; to know that no polaonous.pnlrid matter denles the brealh and rota awAy the delicate raachinery of smcll, tiste and hearing ; to feel that the system does not through lta velná and arteries, auck up the poigou that is gure to undermine and destroy, is indeed a blessing beyond all other human erijoyments. To purchaae lmmnnity from such a fate should be the object of all affiicted. But those who have tried many remedies and physicians despair of reliol or cure. Sanpord"s Radical Uure m?ets every phase of Catarrh, from a simple head cold to the most loattisomc and destructivo stages. It Is local and conatitutional. Instant in relievinü, permanent in curin?, safe, economlcal and never failing. Savdporb's Radical Ccrk conslsts of one bottle of the Radical Cure, one box of Catahhiial Solvent, and one Improved Iniialbr, all wrapped in one pa''ka;e wlth tro;it "e and directlons, aud sold by all druKJii-ts for J1.00. Potter Druo and Ciikxiual Co., Boston. NoRheumatizAboutMe IX m: iiimii: ai The r ii I Ie ii ra Antl-Paln flS Plateri relieves líheumatic, S inn jf tic, Sudden.Sharpand NervdiHl'aln, Bf -itralns and Wknee. The flrst y tmd only pain-kllilnK piaster. New, original, Inatamaneous, infillible, Bate. A marvdl.'iis Antidote to Pain, Inunmmation and Weakness. l'tterly unlike and vnstly superior to all oth-r piaster. At all drueelste. 25 ceiiti; 5 for Í1 00; c r, postase free, of Potter Druq and Crkmical Co., lioïton, Mass. ATFREQUENT DATES EACH MONTH lliffVIIPTWWl '""" CHICAGO, TÏÏÜiï 1 peoría onrtin ililSTLO;lisfi!i0w!;? lmymji y w p ROUTES ; VIA riicnRNlADENVER' uAUrUll1CGUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA, STJOSEPH, ATCHISDN or KAN SAS CITY. For datet, rates, ticket or further Information apply to Ticket Agents of connectlng Unes, or addresi Paul Morton, 6on.Pass.4Tkt.ARt„Chlcago,lll. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldest ftRency in the city. Establlshed over a quarter of a ceutuiy ago. Represeutlng the followlDg flrst-clttss companies, wlth over #60,000,000 Capital uud AkncIs. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. QIRARD INS. CO., of Philadelphla. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and QLOBK. WASHINGTON FIRE and MARINE of Boston. Rates Low as tlie Lowest, Losse Liberally Adjuslcil and promptly Paid. C. II. MILLEN.


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