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There Is No Death

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"There is no death ! 'tis but the higher birth, The stepptng out from clay, away from earth, A spirit disenthralled, forever free, 'Tis but renewing life, not death to me. There is no death ! all nature proves this truth ; 'Tis but the glad returning of our youth ; What though the outer form be laid away? The risen spirit finds eternal day. There Is no death ! 'tis but a newer life, The cutting of a cord by nature's knife, The breaking of a chain that holds us down, The opening of a cage- the prisoner flown. There Is no death ! what though exhaled the dew, It changes into forms forever new; What though the seed be laid In wintry tomb? The spring-time comes and calls up into bloom. There Is no death ! the sun goes down at night That It may rise again- the morning's light; The twinkling stars that seem to pass away, Are only held In clearer, brighter day. There Is no death ! this pulsing heart of mine May cease to beat, the soul-lit eye to shine. And from the body go the fleeting breath, And yet the risen spirit knows no death. There Is no death ! the Father calls us home; In tender, loving tone he bids us come Away from earth, away from weary care, To higher, better life, to scenes more fair. There Is no death ! this clod of mortal clay May lose its form, through Nature's sure decay ; But the freed spirit In the realms supernal, Solves life's last mystery : The life eternal ! "


Ann Arbor Courier
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