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The executive board of Co. A elected the following officers Monday evening:
President- Chas. M. King.
Vice Pres.-Wm. Goetz.
Sec'y.- Jas. Barker.
Treas.- Geo. Apfel.
The following non-commissioned officers were also chosen:
1st Sergt.-Geo. Apfel.
2d " - Geo. Dengler.
3d " - John Burns.
4th " - Chas. Roehm.
5th " -John Fischer.
Quartermaster Sergt.- Wm. Armstrong.
Color Sergt.- Louis Hoelzle.
1st corporal - S. Granger.
2d " --W. Tate.
3d " - Wm. Goetz.
4th " -John Buchholz.
5th " - Jas. Barker.
6th " - Frank Campion.
7th " -Paul Tessmer.
8th " - Vic. Mogk.
The financial condition of the Company is excellent. The total receipts for the year were $837.07, expenditures $646.59; leaving a balance now on hand of $190.38. There is still $125 from private parties, and $100 from the state due the Company which will be paid in a few days.