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Receipt For Cancer

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There are so many people suffering from cancer that it would seem that the disease is on the increase. Some physicians make a specialty of doctoring cancers and claim to effect many cures, but hundreds of lives are cut short every year by the horrible disease. A lady of our acquaintance has handed us the following receipt and claims that it has cured several cases. It is simple and easily prepared. We give it just as it is written and our readers will do well to preserve it for further use if necessary: RECEIPT FOR CANCER.
Take two ounces of sulphur. Half an ounce of quicksilver; One ounce of cream of tartar, Half an ounce of salt peter.
The sulphur and quicksilver must be thoroughly mixed in a druggist's mortar for a long time, and the other ingredients added; after all is thoroughly mixed, put it into one pint of molasses, stir well, so as to mix thoroughly all parts. Dose - One tablespoonful on retiring. Outward application. - One bottle of British Oil and one ounce of Red Precipitate; rub on the sore.


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