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Mis. J. M. Stafford returned from Akron, Oliio, Monday. J. C. Watts has been home from Saginaw (Uiting the weck. Col. II. S. Dean lias bceu tllghtly under the weather of late. Geo. E. BII39 and wife of Jackson were in the city yesterday. Hradon Bennett and bride, of Dakota, were in the city last Snturday. Michael Kusteret, is very slck at the home of bil parents in the Ist ml. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newcombe returned Saturday írom a vacation visit at Flint. Dr. F. M. Wilder, of (Julcago, ipant Sunday with D. B. Brown and family. Sheriir Wiilsh had an acute atcack of hiliosus cholique last Sunday, but is out agaln, Mr?. Dr. A. L. Worden, of DesMoines, Iowa, are expected at Chas. H. Worden's to-day. Mis. J. S Rickctts, of Lindenville, O., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mr?. D. S. Milieu. Jokn Mnlholland, of Bay City has been called home by the illness of his mother. Miss Ilattie Xichols returned Siturday evening from a visit with friends in Owosso. Wm. G. Doty and J. E. Beal expect to attend the K. T. banqtiet in Detroit tomorrow evenlng. Hon. Wm. Ball, of Hamburg, was in the city Monday, and a pleasant caller at the Courier ofHce. Justice Frueauff was in Dundee yesterday, and reports natural gas stock booming down there. Register of Deeds Kearns has been absent from his post of duty a few days, Cause he don't feel well. J. H. Barr, of Saline, one of the old time friends of the Courier, made the office a pleasant cali last Frlday. Chas. S. Woodward, who bas been for so long the gentlemanly cleik at ihe Cook lïouse, is now at the Brunswick, in Detroit. Miss Josie Henion, of Toledo, is expected here to-morrow to spend a couple of weeks at C. B. Heniou's, and with otlier relatives. Stanley E Parkill and A. Todd, of Owqsso, are in the city to-day looking up the electriclight business, with a view of establishing a plant in thatcity. Last Wednesdny evening there was a party given to C. B. Henion and daughter Lottie, both of whose birthdays occur on that day. There were about 30 present, mostly relatives. Dressed pork is now bringing $0.00@ $6.75 per cwt., nnl beef from 4c to Oc by the quiirter. Potatoes are wortli 80c, but practically none are ofïered. Apples $1.00 hut in the sanie category. Coal still cllnga to the $7.00 per ton figure in tliis city, though the strike and Jack Frost have sent itup in other places. Chas. Naylor of Northfield, has been bound over to the circuit court on compluint of Caroline Rentschler, nlso of Xorthtield, on a chai ge of bastardy. After Ihe eveniug service at St. Andrew's church to-night, there is to be a paper read by Rev. Mr. Gal pin on " The Methods of Sunday School Instruction '' before a Teucher's meeting. The electric light works are now under the superintendence of Chas. B. Davison, ani are being put in excellent ihape by liini. Tliere is probably no better man to be found for the posltion. Rev. J. T. Sunderland will speak next Sunday evening on "College Secret Societies." All the College Priiternities are invited, and any other persons interested. Hi8 morning sermón will be upon ' Ratlonal Methode of Bible Study .' A farmer named Adgust Dutzlupf, who had been drawing coal for the university, was struck by the south bound train of th T., A. A.R. R, at the State st. crossing vestprday noon, cutting n big gash in liia hi-ad and otherwise bruising him. His horse was rolled over severa! times by the pilot of the engine, bat evidently not injured very much. The h!, hownver. were all smashcd up. Mrs. Resina, wite of the late C. F. Kapp, of Northfleld, died on the 24th uit., at her home, of inflannnation of the lunes, aged about "G years. The deeeased was the mother of Ex Mayor Dr. J. Kapp, of this citv, and Dr. C. F. Kapp, of Manchester. Thcre were beside the above, four daughters and oneson. Mr?. Kapp carne to this county in 1835, and had reuided here ever since, with the exception of one year, and was greatly respected by neighbors and Iriends. The Ann Arbor Co-Operative Savings Assoeiation elected the following oflioers last Saturday evenlng: President- C. H. Manly. VIce President- T. J. Keecu. Treaa.- N.J. Kyer. Secretary- John R. Mlner. Ex. Oom.- J. A. Galen, O. Lulck, Ernest Eberbach, John E. Fllnn, W. E. Howe. This association received during the last quarterfordues. interest, etc, $1,437.79 ; have loaned $1,200, pntd $45 expenses, returned $161 dues, and had a balance on hand Dec. 31, of $31,79; and report a protit for the quarter of $52. S3. It is in a proaperous condition. A runaway accident oceurreil on Detroit st, yesterday forenoon, which resulted in the killinsr of a horse belonging to John Allen, a resident of Fourth st., the animal belng valued by him at $250 The horse attached to the butcher wagon of A. Meuth got scared in gome manner, and breaking away starled off at full speed. The team of Mr. Allen's was standing in front of Mr. Roger's agricultural store, and the runaway animal he:ilc(l directly for them, and when tbey collided the thill of the butcher cart ran into the breast of Allen'B liorse, penetrating to the heart, and cau8ing Instant deatli. Should the local option elcction fail of a majority in tiiis county, utider the new law one-half of the liquor tax will be turned into the county treasury. It is estimated that the tax of $500 will lessen the numbcr of saloons by at least onehalf, so that in any event the amount coming to the city treasury next May will not be over $4000 or $5,000. So it will be i-een that souiething must be done to raise more money by direct taxation to carry on the city government. With all the cry against our city coumlls of recklessness, there is not a city in Michigan, having as many of the modern luxuries as does this city, that pays so little for it. And the city is entirely free from debt, too. We have the very best of lire protection in our water works, we have public drinking fountains, and every citizen can have all the water he wants; we have the best lighted streets of any city in Michigan; ourstreets are all in good condition; and yet our taxes only amount to $1 on a $100! People sceking homos should make a note of this. How one ludicrons thing leads to another. A certain gentleman in this city was very much amused over the joke on Capt. Uowell published last week. It will be remembered Mr. Rowell got up at 2 o'clock in the morning and opened up the store where he is employed. VVell, our hero went to bed last Sundiy, perhaps not as early as he might (for he is a single min with an kffection for another single person), but with his thoughts so engro8sed with the happenings and sweet conversution of the evening, that he forgot to wind his watch. (An instance of the kind never lmppcned before witliin his iiH'inory ) To make a long story short he slept uiitil 7 o'c'.ock, Ifonday morning, and waking up as usual lie commenced to get up when the thought occurred to liim that he better look at his watch. This he did and there it was plain as day, almost 3 o'clock. "They can't come no Rowell Joke on me," niuttered he and pouuced back in bed again. The next time he awokc he became conscious that sonie one was wrapping at his door, and the glaring light scared him. ili! looked at his watch again and it was still ncurly 3 o'clock. The landlady, however, informed him that it was "plump 1 1 oVlock. and if he wanted his bed made that day he better get out of there in a hurry." Which he proceeded to do, but forgot to bribe said landlady "not to teil anybody."