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Resolutions Of Respect

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The following resolutions on the death of the late Hon. E. Mann, were adopted at a meeting of the Forest Hill Cemetery Board held this a. m.: Whereas, By the recent death of our long time associate on this Board, Emanuel Mann, we feel that it has sustained a a serious and great loss, and that we personally lose a valuable and much esteemed associate. Now, therefore, in testimony of our regard, it is Resolved, That during the many years of his active official association with this board we have ever found the late Emanuel Mann prompt and faithful in the discharge of every duty, sincerely devoted to the welfare and prosperity of all the interests of this board, an affable and generous gentleman, an agreeable and wise counsellor and a faithful and correct co-worker and associate. By his gentle manners and unassuming worth he has endeared his memory to us all, and we desire to express permanently upon our records this recognition of the value of his official services on the Board, and of our admiration of his personal character as a man. Therefore, Resolved, That the secretary spread this testimonial upon the records upon a page by itself. Regular meeting of the Hobart Guild to -morrow night. Wm. Kelly was given the privilege of paying $5 line or going to jail fifteen days, by Justice Pond, Saturday. He didn't pay the fine. The wood market seems to be well supplied this winter, at $4 per cord for oak, seasoned or green, $4.50 @ $5.00 for maple and beech, and $5 00 @ $5.50 for hickorv George Clarken has been complained of for keeping his saloon open last week Monday, Jan. 2d, the legal holiday. This is the first case under the new law. The examination will be before Justice Pond on the 19th, and the trial will be before the circuit court. The Washtenaw county Mutual Fire Ins. Co. is holding its annual meeting at the court house to-day. The secretary's office was not large enough to hold the crowd this a. m., so they adjourned to the court room. There will be no contest on officers we understand, but several points of interest to policy holders will be acted upon ; one of them being the question of insuring fences. The new board of county superintendents of the poor are to hold a meeting at the farm next week Tuesday, at which it is supposed important business will be transacted. At the meeting held last Tuesday, Chas. W. McCormick, of Yp silantl, was elected keeper, In place of Mr. McDowell, who has held the place for the past nine years, in a most acceptable manner. Mr. McCormick will take his position April lst. There was a big time at the camp fire of the Carpenter Post G. A. R., Chelsea, on the evening of Wednesday last. Speeches were made by Rev. Campbell, of Lima Center, J. Q. A. Sessions of Ann Arbor, of the old 7th cavalry, Commander Williams, of the Jackson Post, and others. The first thing on the program was a public installation of the officers of the post, and the speaking and banqueting followed being sandwiched in together. There were about 500 people present, and it was one of the most enjoyable occasions of the kind ever held in the county. After everybody had been fed there was provisions left for about 200 more.