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The Two Sams

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Excellent Overcoat sale yesterday. A perfect success. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday only. We shall sell any Overcoat in our House costing $25, $24, $23, $22, $20 and $18 for $15. We wish our customers to understand that the old prices on our Overcoats have not been changed. Any person having bought an Overcoat of us before this sale, can be convinced that when we say, reduction, it means reduction. This is the greatest loss ever made, but we have too many Overcoats and go they must. These prices will hold good only until Saturday night, at the Two Sams. All our satin lined, silk lined, serge lined, Fur Beavers, Melton Kerseys at $15. Come at once - bring the cash. No credit. Absolute sale.
J. T. Jacobs & Company have a very few words to say, but they are sharp and to the point, and mean business.
Parsnips are selling at 64c, onions 75c, turnips 40c, carrots 25c per bushel, and cabbage 10@12c a head- yes they seem to be way ahead- of any former price; vegetable oysters 75c per doz. bunches.