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Vigor and Vitality Are quickly given to every part of the body by Hood's Sarsaparilla. That tired feeling is entirely overcome. The blood is purified, enriched, and vitalized, and carries health instead of disease to every organ. The stomach is toned and strengthened, the appetite restored. The kidneys and liver are roused and invigorated. The brain is refreshed, the mind made clear and ready for work. Try it.
The more honesty a man has the less he affects the air of a saint. - Lavater. The height of power in woman, so far as manners are concerned, rests in tranquility- Mme de Maintenon.
A Babc In tlie House is the source of nuich sunsliine ind joy, brightening many n dirk cloud nuü ligliteuinf many heavy load - bilt joyg coiitinml abide only in a healthy body. The (Jreator with (rent wisdom has il is- tributad over tlie earth vegetable remedies for evcry ill of human kind. This marvelous Laboratory reveáis its scerets to man only by long and Hearoblng labor. Few men have attained greater succets (hall Dr. K. V. Pieree; nor devi.ed for suirering hiunanity a greater production than his "Golden Medical Discovery," the unfailing remedy tor consumption ia its earlier stagef, as well as fur cbronlc nasal catarrli, ecrofula, tumors and all blood disorder. ¦ ?? One may be better tlian his reputatlon or his conduct, but never better than his principies.- Later na.