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IN the Scnato on tho 4th petmons were proonted against uiiv chance ín tho flshery treaties, favorlng the tariffon lumber, Government control oí telegraph Unes, the reitrictlon of Immli?ration, opposiiiR the abolition of the whisky and tobáceo tux, and favoring the placing of salt, lumbor, sugar, etc, nu the free list, also a resolutlon to repral the internal revenu laws. Tho appointment of Hcnton J. Hall, oflowa, tobe Cominlsstoner of Patents, and tho reappointment of tue present Interstate Comincrce Cummlssioners wero received f rom tho President In the House bilU were introduced to prohlblt Chinese Immiïratlou ; to obolish the duty on sugar; to increase the clruulatlon of silver ; to abollsh all rank distinctions In pensions; to creato ft postal telegrnph of the United States; to reduce letter postage to one cent an ounce; to establlsh a homo for dependent mothers, widows and daughters of the volunter soldiere and sailors of tho array and navy; to prohlblt tho purehaso of goods manufactured by convlct labor, and for a constltuttonal amendmeat granting women tho riffht of suffragc. Is tho Sonate on the Hh Wils were Introduöed to provlde for a world's exposition at the National capital in 18!)-'; to establlsh a postal telegraph systcm; for the forniation and admlsslon lnto the Union as a State of Dakota, and to equalize boantle. Petltlons were presentid favoring a National prohibu-on amendraent and against the admission of l'tah as a State while it ïemalns under Mormon control. AdJourned to the 9th In the House the list of commlttccB was anuounced. Bills wore introduced for the pi eservation of woods and foresta of tho National dotnaln adjacent to the sources of navlgablc rivers. and authorizlng National to take hens on real estáte for loans of money. Adjourned to the flth. DOMESTIC. Makc i's V. Iíosbach, cashler of the llerkimor National Bank of Hcrkimer, N. Y., who disappeared rceently, was on the lst sald to be $34,000 short ia hls accounts. The public debt statement on the 3d shows the total debt to be $1, (01, 300,703; cash In treasurv, $69,842,879; debt leas cash in troasury, $1,225,998,402. Decrease during December, 914,084,6901 Decrease siuce Juue 30. 17. $.-3, 830,335. In a dninken row on the 3d betweeu thirty Toles at Wilkcsbarre, Pa., three men wcre fatally injured and all were more or less seriotisly wotinded. The list of veterans of tha war of 1812 has decreased to 1,000, while widows of veterans aurvive to th mnnber of 11,831. James Tuit died nt, Ind. , on the 3 il of glandojs oaoght ÍToni a norse. Charle Ski. f, njfcd thirty years, of Columbus, Ind, died suddenly on the 3d trom the effccm of exoeoiTa eigarette smoking Jacob H. Delaplase, k book-keeper at the Portage board works in Circlevllle, O., disa]]ieared on the 3d, leaving his accounts 12,KMI short A Madison (Wis.) marblo.-cutter, Ilobcrt L Bibb, thirty-five yoars old and marrled, froze to death m-ar there on the 3d whlle intoxicated. Hk.nkï Boorss, eimiloveil hy K. J Allen k Co., of Philadelphia, was nrrested on the 'M for embezzling 920,000 It was discovercd on the 34 thst exMayor Cramer, of Hackettstown, N. J. , who rccently flei at't-r defratuling overal buslnoas men, wa boti'othcd to no less than hfteen women, every one of whora he iwlndled oit of money. G. C., n lcnding polittcian of Staikp, I'la , wan MMlhulml on the 'M by eome unknown penon. Senator of Miuliipran, on the 3d gave Y10, )) for tlm weotton of a bnildinjr at Detroit, to be used I).V vhe G. A. K. of the State. The coiuage of the mints durinir December last was $3,762,075,01 which .fü.'H.'),200 were Itandard silver ilollHis. The visible stipply of wheat in the country on the lid was 11,421 130 bushels; an increase of 173,400 bushe's. Thecorn supply was 6,029,238 bitshels; an increase of 266,891 biishe's There are ix y-eurht collieries controlled by the ('ompany In the Schuylkili (Pu.) región, and sixty-two of these were desertad on the 3.1, the twentyfive thonsund minen goingr on a strike. Nearly thirty thousand men have already been on a strike in the L;hijrh región for over three months. General Mabter-Workman Powderly advised that no strike take place, and teleijraphed to Keadiug that he considered it inadvisable. Advices of the 4th from Mudisonville, Tex., say that a body of armed rit ens calliug themselves reforméis had shot and hanged eeveral men who favored maintaining saloons, aud a state of terror prevailed. Physiciaxs are puzzled by the peculiar forniation which, starting at the spinal colllmxi omd n ¦' y fosword uutiL it preeoed against the wimlpipp, and finally closingit, caused the death by strangulation on the 3d of the little daughter of Mr. and lirs. Fred Palmer, of Algona, Ia. It is the flrst case of the kind on record. There are 3C.081 pensioners of the late war in Indiana, and during December last $1,2 ."0,000 in pensions were disbursed. the Heading (Pa.) Company's mines were stopped on the 4th, and twenty thousand iniiicrs were idle. Some placed the number of idle men as high as fifty thousand in the Hchuylklll basin alone, which with twenty thousand in the Lehigh, make the strike a great one. The Shoa-makers' Trades Union of Newark, X. J. , decided on the 4th to withdraw from the Knights of Labor. On a farm near Zollarsville, Pu., a stibterranean üre was raging on the Ith. Parties maklng an investigation to discover the cause found the ground so hot that they were oblig ed to abandon the work. The December tire losaes were $10,308,000, against $11,200,000 for the sanie month in 1886. The total Ure waste for 1887 was 9129,264,000, about$13,0O0,000 greater than in 1880. The Haddock murder indictments against all the defendants, except the three who have never been arrested, were dismissod at Sioux City, Ia , on the 4th. The business portion of Beaufort, N. Cl, was destroyei by fire on the 4th. Charles S. Moobe, one of the most noted young lawyers in Washington, dropped dead in the streets in that city on the 4th. A murdebeb named Baggott was lynched on the 4 th near Durango, A. T. The State of Alabama on the 4th let out all its convicta on ten-year contracta to work in the coal mines near Birmlngham. They number six hundred. The Los Angeles (CaL ) f urniture f actory was burned on the 4th. Loss, $200,000; Insurance, $100,000. James Smith, hls wife and four children, the eldest a sixteen-year-old daughter, were arrested at Nt Joseph, Mo., on the 5th for counterfelting. JuDiiE Siiiras decided at Dubuque, Ia, on the rth that the patent of Wauhburn & Moen, wire manufacturers, was invalid. State Mine Inspector McQuade's annual report on the 5th places the output of Indiana's coal mines in 18H7 at 3,217,711 tons, an increase over 1886 of 217,711 tons. By the fall of a viaduct on the 5th In Cleveland, O, eighty-tive feet above the pround, two workmeu were killed and four wounded. Five husdred school chlldron In Akron, O., were siek with measlcs on the 5th, whtch had bccome epidemie, and business thcro wa9 ahnost entircly suspended on aocount of the dlsease. A half-iwzen structuren in the business sectlon of Vandalia, Mlch., wore bmned on the 5th. Ton Buttekfield, a young farmer, who was nianled a few days ugo, was lodged In Jall on the Gth at Nebraska City, Neb., charged with the orarte of his father and niother by poisonlng thetn. A ¦ aii. was issued on the 5tb for the slxth ¦nnual meotlug of the United States Law and Order League, to be held at Philadelphla February 21 and 22. The dinner glven by President Cleveland to the Cabinet on the cveninj of the 5th was the t.rst state dinner of the Bcaaon. The navigation building at the Brooklyn Kavy Yard was destroycd by flre on the 5th, entniling a loa of .f200, 000. Many valuable íniips, plans and designs were burned. The Wiohlta Jioard of Trade, after thorough investigaron, declared on the Qth that not one doath oocurrod from cold or starvation in Southwestern Kansas during the recent cold woather. The reporter lia Washington who orne timo ago sent a sham Infernal machine to Chlef Justk.c Waito so that ho oould write ip the story and sell it to the nowspapers, was on the ."th nned.filOO for attemptlng to obtaln money by false pretenses. A premature blast on the ."ith on the new railroad noar laurel Ilun, Pa., killed four Italiuns and badly injured seven othera, Durixo the absence of Mrs. Isaac l'arnell from her home in Jacksonville, Ha, on the 5th the house took flre, and her throe children, who were locked in the building, perished in the flaines. Burgi.ars entered the residence of Mrs. Stack at Cumberland Mills, Me., on the Stli, and, being dlscovered, beat Mrs. Stack so horribly that she dled in a few ïnomi'.nts DUEUNi the seven days ended on the 6th there were 206 business failures In th United States, against 2"O the previous seven days. Mus. Lauba Iïobekts, an eighty-year-old lady living ai Lima. ()., slipped on a banana peeling on the sidownlk on the (ch, and in falling broke her neek. A Fut'. Bupposcd to have originated from natural gas destroyod three tino resldence in Pittsburgh, Ta., on the (ïtb. An old man in Attloa, Ind , on the 6th foll from a bridge two feetinto a spring where the water was bnt four inohes d:cp and was drowued. A fire ou the (ith at Louis Court-House, Va., destroyed tweuty huuses and several business blocks. Mrs. Flora Saihei.s, mother of a large family and owner of a grocery aud jewelry shop at Ut'ca, R Y., fled to Canada on the 6th. She was aeuused of forgery, and left debts amountlng to (19,000. Dus & Co. '8 agency ou the (!th auuounced a fair business tor tlie season at all polnts reporting, bul said the ontlook wasclouded owing to the labor troubles. The Union railway depot at Atchison, Kan., was burned on the Oth. Loss, J12.",CHX; Insurance, .f ."iO, (MM). Nathak B. BunoM was hanged at Oakland, Cal., ou the (Ih for the murder of Alexander Martlne, a ranchtuan, in September, 1880. "Aunt Kitty" Tenderoast, ovnr ninety years of age. was Imrned to death on the 6th in Dubuque, Ia., her house being destroyed by üre. Dubing the six months ended on the Gth Dr. Reillyi of Detroit, treasurer, has receivcd from varlous Irish National League branches throughout the country and other sources an nggregute of 42!, 148 for the benefit of the league in Ireland. A ttpboid fever epidemie was raging on the üth in the peuttentiary at Jackson, Mioh., with thirLy-seven cases. lx a collision of Nickel-Platc fietght trains on the (th ncar WiUoufrhby, ()., tifteen cars were complet ,ily wreckcd and many otbers daangad PERSONAL AND POL1TICAL. Judoe Stonemax, of the United States Circuit C'ourt at 'dar Hapids, Ia., declared the Iowa Itegistry law uncoustitutional on the Sist uit James Heniricks, brother of the late Vice-Presidenc, dted at BholbyvUlo, Ind., nn the lst , aged iifty-six yeara The deceased was the last member of the Hendricks family. Thk sixty-eighth General Assembly of Ohm organized at Columbus on the L'd, Hon. T. F. Davis being elected President pro tem. of the Senate, aud Hon. E. L. Lampson Speaker of the House. Ei-Goverxor Joel Pabker, of New Jersey, the war Governor ot that State, died in i',,. on t,l lst. agedseventy yeara Ijurisc. the past year the deaths of fortyfive ex-mem be of t'ongress, forty-nine journalists and ttfty-seven centenarlans were recorded. The oldest woman in Pennsylvania, Mrs. Cute, of Johnstown, died on the lst at the age of 108 years. Ik a letter on the 'd accepting the present ot a lot and homestead at Inglewood, CaL, General Freiuont announces his intention of settling permanently in the land of hls early choice. Proteau, the 8rst white resident of Dakota, was fonnd frozen to death on the 3d near Fort Bennett He was ninety-six years o'.d, and since chlldhood had Uved with the Indiana Mas. Charlotte Simonton, of New Bichmond. Wis., oelebrated her one hundredth birthday on the Hd. Her general health was as good as it was twenty years ago. The Mississippi Legislatura convened on the : M at Jac son. The New York Leglslature met at Albany on the lid. Fremont Cole was elected Speaker of the House and Henry R Low President of the Senate. Senatob Beck was renominatcd by the Democratie Legislativo caucus at Frankfort, Ky., on the 4th. A beply to the President's tarlff-reductlon message was dellvered in the United Statej Senate on the 4th by Senator Sherman, of Ohio, who urged that the President had intentionally ignored other methods of reducing the Treasury surplus for the purpose of advocating such a reduction of enstoms taxation as would strike a ssvere blow at American industry. Senator Voorhees spoke In defense of the Presidenta tarift views. Amzi Bai.dwis, aged fif ty-eight years, the lndlcted cashier of the wrecked Tidelity National Bank of, Cincinnaü, died on the 5th from a paralytic stroke. He was under $40,000 bonds. Oliver Ames was innugurated as Governor of Massachusette on the 5th. Charles J. Canda on the 5th resigned his position as AssistantTre.isurer of the United States. Rev. T. De Witt Talmaoe was on the 5th chosen Chaplain of the Thirteenth regiment, to succeed the late Kev. Henry Ward Beecher. WrxxiAM E. Baker, inventor of the Grover k Baker sewing machine, died at his residence in Boston ou the ."ith, aged sixty reara Harrisburo is to be the place and April 25 the time for bolding the next Republican State convention in Pennsylvania. In Washington on the (ith the House Committee on Llections heurd testtmony in the contest over Speaker Carlisle's oat Ib was clalmed that tho returns wore boldly manlpnlated no as to defeat Thoebe nn 1 elect Cari Ir] o, that the attorney orlglnallv cmployed by Tlioele to contcst the slee Uou wmr btdnaed by frirnds of Carlisle to neglect tho mattor, tliat tho rotnraa of si counties were withhoUl for tive days, auil that Mr. Curlislc luid publloly confessed that he wan defeated. Mes Letia Bovee died on the Uth at hei resideuce Ín Silgar Loaf Valley, Sllnn., aged ninety-nine yearn The dead wom ín did not many till she a eighty-four years oíd. In her jronng- ' dan President Buchanau was a sultoi' for her hand, but she refused hlm, and it ís now sald that this caused him to Uve a bache lor's Ufa Arnoi.i l. Habéis, agid nf ty-two years, a noted Union Bpy and veteran in the late war, dropp d deud Ín Búllalo, N' Y , on the tli ______ FOREIGN. Erahi's piano faotory at l'ari was burned ou thc 3d with ita Ktock of fifteen hundred planos. Losdon adviees of thc 'M say that durlnjr a storm at sea a panic aróse among tha passengers of Míe ateamer licUonn, a rush was made for tho loats, one was lowered nd forty-seven people crowdnd lnto it, causing ltto capslz drowning every one of thenx At Bruenn, Austria, eight gypsles were frozon to death ou the 3d, and at Ylenna several women had perished from th cold. THEBirmingbam (Kng.) canal burat on the 3d noar Dudley, and hundreds of families were made homeless by the inundation. Disastbous floods wcre reported In Sevllle, Spain, on the 4th. Slx lives had been lost and many persons had been lnjured, The damage by the floods in Malaga vu estimated at $200,000. A noHT on the 4th between citizens and robbers near San Angela, Mex. , resulted In the killing of three men and the capture of one robber. Two sharp cartbquake shooks were feit on the I ' h at Mlxcalam and Tenanclngo, In Mexico. By a colusión of expresa trains on the 4th on the Dntch State r.dlroad near Meppel twenty-six persons were killed and many others were is Jure- Ths American bark Eureka was wrecked at the entran ie of Waterford (Ireland) harbor on the 1 ih, and her crew, consistlng of twenty-five persons, were drowned. At 8t Petersburg on the 4th the Nlhlllst Tschernoff and neven other prisoners charged wlth an attempt on the (.ar's llfe were condemned to death. A violent hurrioane was raging on the I Ui in the Irish channel, and great damags had been done to propertv and shlpplng. The printers on all the French papers at Quebec, Can. , were on a strike on the 5th for nine hours work and increased pay. The Theater Hoyal, at Holton, Eng., was flred by unknown parties ou the 5th and totally destroyed. Up to the 5th this had been one of the severest winters on record In Austria, and cases of death from the eiTects of exposure were reported dally. The English steamer 5faude fonndered on the öth in tho Black s.ia, and twelve men were drowned. Sofia advices of the (th say that sixty Monteneffrln brigandx, headed by a Ilusslan nsmod Nabokofï, had been Otspersed by gendarmes with a loss of ten killed. One gendarme was killed. The printers' strike at Quebec, Can., had on the tith resulted in the suspension of four newspapera Threats of violones were made by the men unless the advance In wages was glven. Two TEAINS on a trestle ninety feet high on the Canadian Paciñc rallroad collided on the 6th, and both were thrown off and dashed to pleces. Both engineeis. both firemen and two brukemen were killed and eeveral traiiimen were injured. The Mexican bandit, Bernal, was killed in a bloody lifrht with (lovernment troops near Cósala, in Kinaïoa, on the Gth. Bandits in Sinaloa, Mex., robbed an old woinan of $1,000 in money on the 6th and then killed her. Adviobs of the (5th from Valparaíso, Chili, lay cholera has increased at that port to an alarining exteut, the number of casei daily reaching one hundred and thirty, of whieh eighty to ninety prove fataL uren utwt. The exuhunges at twenty-six leadinir ïlearing-houses in the United States during She week ended on the 7th aggregated p963,3öO,4(Ki. apaiust $770,500,479 the prevlous week. As compared wlth the correspondlng weok of 1887 the deorease imoun teil to 1 Í). 1 ps" cent At Huron, D. T. on the 7th the thermomster showed 30 below zero, and there wa two feet of snow on the round. Thb stables of the Detrait Omnibus Company, together with twenty-rive horses, were burned on the 8th. Foub of the crew of the bark Allonby, from San Francisco, which arrlved at Queenstown on the 7th, were drowned at sea. Advihes of the 7t,h from ('onnellsville, Vsl, say the Youghiogheny river had overflowed its banks at various polntfl, ñooding thousands of acres of lowlands and washing away fenoes, outhouses and small bridgea Twentt horses were Ijurned to death on the 7th in a atable at Tittsburgh, Pa. Isaac Merrick, of Camden, N. J., on the 7th shot his young daughter dead and then killed himself. No cause was known for the deed. At seven o'clock on tho morning of the 7th the spirit thermometer registered 5_ degrees below zero at Belgrado, M. T. A fere in the Dale building in Chicago on the 7th destroyed property to the value of $125,000. The building was occupled by printíng-ofliceB and a book-bindery. Dueino the year 1 SH7 the sum of $6,733,507 was disbursed in Chicago to 30,507 pensioners. A 8-iP containlng three miners feil seven hundred feet in the Champiou mine near Marquette, Mieh., on the 7tti, and the men were lnstantly killed. The stockholders of the Washington Flre c Marine Insurance Company of Boston voted on the 7th to go out of business. Mary Youso, a co'ored inhabitant of Knoxville, Tenu. , died on the 7th at the age of l'J4 reiirs. She was born at Falrfax. Va., and lived there of her llfe as a si a va An unsuccenful attempt was made on the 7th near Ottumwa, Ia, to rob the expresa car of the west-bound train on the Chicago, Burlington ft Qulncy railroad. The death was announcedon the 7th near Lantern Hill, Conn , of Eunioe Cottrell, aged liB years. She was a great grandchüd of King Thilip. Snow feil to the depth of two feet on a level on the 7th in Northern Michigan. At Sioux Falls, D. T., on the 7th Thomas Murray shot and killed his wife and then shothiinself Domestio trouble waa the cause. Secbetakt Lamab on the 7th tendered to the President his resignatlon a Hecretary of the Interior, and it was accepted. Heavy rains on the 7th caused tli ¦treams near Lock Haven, Pa., to overflow thelr banks, and booms and dams had glven away and millions of feet of lumbei and locrs had broken looso. The loss to lumberrr.en would be srreat.


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