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THWHWfflTñH h;1-1 revolullonlzed the world WURWT lWtllll'in ""' l:lst ll!llf entury. ill I n i lUll Not 1(' lst among Ule wouders of Inventivo progresa la a method and aystem of work tliat cao be perbrmed uil over the country wllhout aeparatInt; tlie workers from their homes. Pay liberal; any one cando the workj elther pex, young or oíd; no special ablllly reqnired. Capital not needeil ; you are started fne. Cut this out and return lo ns and we will send y 011 f ree, Koniethlng of great valué and lniporlnnce toyou, tliatwlll start you In buslaeu, wblch will brins you ln more mouey right iivvay thnn nnytlilng else in Ibe World. Oiand outfit free. Address Truu (Jo., Augusta, Malne. Biiniil lt w inliii are those who H H Y1'1'" ¦""' ""¦" ivX lliey wl" "iu illUliU ¦ ' ¦" ¦' ''' employraeiit tliat will not take thain trom their homes atul f;íniilles. Tlie proflts are lare and sure overy Indmtrloaa person, many hav in:nlf mil ara DOW raaklim leveral hundred dollars a month. 11 la eaay for any ont to oiake í") and upwards per day, wtio Is wiiiln lowoiu. Kttner aex, yonng or oíd ; capital nnt iHM'dt-d ; we atari you Kverylhing new No spaclal Hbtllty raqnlredi you, reuder, can do It aa well aa any ooe. Wrtte to rsai once for ruil particular, wbtoh t nuill free. -1dress Sllnsou A ('o., l'ortlaiul. Mulne. HU Y kll I IOE El W t:ns paper , or obUm oüimatn on advertising spaco v.icn in Chicago, will ftnd it on file at 45 lo 49 Randolph St.. ARiï O TMIlífiCC iheAJvortiwngAsoncyof LUUll Of i OVEnMVH Get yonr Printina: at tlie Courier.


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