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How To Polish Wood

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The following simple ngredieiits are all that is neded to stop tbe graln in polIsbed wood: 'l'uke a mail quantlty of whftu beeswax, melt it down, mul, whilc liquid, mix witli whiting. As it els tliick, ke'p ndding bolled oil inilil you have it rs you wisli it. Whpn inlog it. 8 ieit the wood over solid. Let it stand until the next diiy, when you eau remove the surplus by usinr No. % landpaper. It is cherper and c:isier than shellac, and can be leveled sooner, leaving nothmg but tlie pores or Kruin of the wood Ulied wliich is bettiT thau liavinj your ood all staineil up with shellae. Au excellent method of removlns varuish froin a panel alter it lias pitted is tlitis ven in a earriage journal : 'l'be only way is to run over it lightly witb spirits of aniniouin. Do not let the ammonla retnaln too long on the varuisli before you use tbescraper on it, ns It Wlll be likely lo eat tlirough aud afl'ect the imder cont. The object to be gained is only to k off the pitted cont. After removal, wasb oft' witli eastile soap and walrr. Let an houror two to enable the ander out to become banlened. Ajfitlo fob do n with rug and pumire .tone lightly. and then revarnlsb. It wou ld be better, if the time will warrant it to so over agiin witn a light co'itiujr ol Viirnish, lo ruu 1 afrsinstii [Nwslble repetltlóti ol tlie h titr.'.


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